Kyocera AVX supercapacitors


Perfect choice for energy harvesting circuits.

The Kyocera AVX SCC supercapacitor series is a perfect solution for applications that require high pulse power capability, such as GSM/GPRS. However, it will also work well when applied in wireless devices, such as remote sensors which employ the Energy Harvesting technology.



Radial leads



Snap-in leads

TME offers supercapacitors with the maximum operating voltage of 2.7 V. Depending on the model, they can withstand current pulses ranging from 900 mA to 180 A. All of the SCC series supercapacitors boast low leakage current, low ESR and long service life (the manufacturer declares that it’s 500,000 cycles). At TME, you can purchase supercapacitors with snap-in leads or radial leads with traditional cables. The components can operate in a temperature ranging from -40°C to 65°C and at a voltage of 2.7 V DC (or 85°C and 2.3 V DC).

Typical applications for the SCC series supercapacitors include wireless alarms and meters, camera flash systems and harvesting energy from renewable/environmental sources.;120:1639832;2650:1879837

Capacitor type: supercapacitor
Capacitance*: 1…400 F
Operating voltage: 2.7 V DC
Max. pulse current*: 900 mA…180 A
Leads*: THT, snap-in
Lead spacing*: 3.5…22.5 mm
Operating temperature: -40…65°C
Tolerance: -10…30% or 0…100%

* depending on the model

Overview of products

Symbol Mounting method Capacitance
Max. pulse current
SCCR12B105PRB THT 1 900 m Ø8×12
SCCR16B205PRB THT 2 1.57 Ø8×16
SCCR20B335PRB THT 3.3 2.28 Ø8×20
SCCS20B505PRB THT 5 3.55 Ø10×20
SCCS25B705PRB THT 7 4.61 Ø10×25
SCCS30B106PRB THT 10 7.71 Ø10×30
SCCT20B106PRB THT 10 7.71 Ø12.5×20
SCCT30B156SRB THT 15 9.2 Ø12.5×30
SCCU25B256SRB THT 25 15 Ø16×25
SCCV40B506SRB THT 50 33.75 Ø18×40
SCCU30B356SRB THT 35 19.69 Ø16×30
SCCV60B107SRB THT 100 48.21 Ø18×60
SCCW45B107SSB SNAP-IN 100 61.36 Ø22×45
SCCX50B207SSB SNAP-IN 200 96.43 Ø30×50
SCCY62B307SSB SNAP-IN 300 109.46 Ø35×62
SCCY68B407SSB SNAP-IN 400 180 Ø35×68

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