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Universal enclosures are used for various applications – from technical high school and university projects, to prototypes, and even professional use. These solutions are often applied by manufacturers that specialise in electronics but do not have production facilities for plastic moulding. Thanks to the standardization of such applications as electrical installations in construction or wall panels in factories, the universal enclosures can be used in production of individual, highly specialised and personalised devices which can be easily mounted in a switchboard or a control cabinet.

In TME’s catalogue, you can find both completely universal enclosures that can be adapted for almost every application after some mechanical treatment, as well as products dedicated to the protection of specific devices (e.g. single-board computers). Italtronic is one of the leading European manufacturers of both types of these solutions. It is an Italian company that focuses on the production of the highest quality enclosures. The range of products from our supplier includes various series of diverse characteristics. However, what all Italtronic products have in common is their compliance with international standards, high flame resistance, modularity, and the workmanship precision. Below, find an overview of this range, with a special, close look at the basic characteristics of specific product groups.

Modulbox series

Modulbox series (One, XT, and XTS) include enclosures for DIN rail mounting in switchboards (EN 60715) – their front part is put forward, accessible through the front panel of a standard electrical installation enclosure in homes and workplaces. This type of products are designed for the production of nonstandard controllers for building automation (e.g. lighting), personalised counters and similar applications. The enclosures are made out of light grey, flame retardant (UL94-V0 standard) PC/ABC material (XT and XTS series) or PPO thermoplastic (One series).


Complete Modulbox One series enclosure accommodates six standard modules

TME offers enclosure bodies that are 1 to 12 standard modules wide, thanks to which even large electronic circuits can be fitted in them (those equipped with transformers, electromagnetic relays and so on). Available accessories include: covers with slots and openings for mounting cables in terminal blocks, as well as cap plugs and front panels (including transparent filters that enable IR communication and LED display visibility). Some of the Modulbox enclosure are additionally equipped with ventilation holes which help cool down the circuits installed inside (e.g. converters).

Railbox series

Railbox enclosures feature hooks for DIN rail mounting and are designed for building compact electronic devices – mainly for industrial applications. They come in the following widths: 17.5mm, 22.5mm, 35mm, 37.5mm, and 45mm with the height of 101mm and depth of 80 to 120mm. Enclosure parts are put together without screws which makes the installation easier. There are four versions of these products in our offer: Compact, Multilevel, Vertical, and Closed (and also enclosures that combine these characteristics).


Vertical enclosures made out of ABS and polycarbonate.

Compact version is smaller, Vertical enclosures are mounted vertically (therefore, they can be mounted in flat switchboards). The Multilevel name signifies the presence of various levels on which the PCBs and clamping blocks can be installed. Closed enclosures are fully closed (the front panel can be removed), they can be subjected to mechanical processing to install unusual elements or left tightly closed and connected to the system with a TBUS connector included in the set. The enclosures are available in grey and green colour versions.

Italtronic specialised enclosures

Aside from the enclosures designed for DIN rail mounting, Italtronic manufactures solutions dedicated directly for electrical installations, as well as for the protection of electronic circuits in industrial automation, buildings, and households. In the supplier’s range of products, there are also various solutions designed for further processing (panel-mounted enclosures) or implementation in production processes for specific devices (potting enclosures).

Electrical installations

Among the Italtronic solutions there are also electrical installations elements, like small (up to 87mm) enclosures, so-called boxes, used to separate power cords and control cables. They are designed for wall mounting as well as concealed wall installation, and are shallow (up to 30mm). They are available in a transparent version, uncommon for electrical installations, which allows for easy inspection of the circuits in the industrial environment.


A typical, flat junction box for wall mounting

Embedded systems


Enclosure for mounting of a Raspberry Pi computer on a DIN rail

Italtronic has also developed a series of enclosures dedicated to embedded systems, i.e. single-board computers and similar platforms based on microcontrollers. These solutions are designed for mounting these systems on DIN rails, where they are used as drivers (e.g. in building automation) or data aggregation tools (e.g. in solar installations). Italtronic products are adapted to work with Raspberry Pi, Arudino, Odroid, or BeagleBone devices. Their compatibility with standard sizes and the placement of mounting holes/connectors makes for the easy mounting of the product – and connecting it (e.g. to the Ethernet network) doesn’t require any mechanical processing of the enclosure. thanks to their shape, they can be mounted in any standard control cabinet, or even in a common switchboard, next to the fuse box.

Enclosures for alarm devices and sensors

THERMO series solutions were developed for HVAC systems, fire protection systems, alarm systems etc. These are primarily wall panels, but there are also semi-transparent boxes that are the base for the construction of signal and emergency lights. Specific versions of these enclosures have a slot dedicated for batteries and knobs, which might be used for the setup. A version with an opening in the front panel, intended for devices with a display, is also available. Inside the enclosures there’s room for a PCB. It is also possible to poke the openings out (factory made) in the back plate of the panel to connect the devices to power cords and signal cables that are inside of the wall. Openings in some models allow for placing inside them air quality and temperature sensors – or a buzzer or a sound-emitting speaker.


Universal, wall-mounted enclosure for alarm devices and similar applications.

Panel-mounted enclosures


Deep (124mm) panel-mounted enclosure.

Italtronic manufactures panel-mounted enclosures according to the IEC 61554 standard, which is widely applied in the industry – they were grouped together in the INCABOX series. The front frame, a part visible to the user, is “pressed in” and blocked with latches.Displays, buttons, and other elements of the interface are installed on a PCB that is mounted in the frame. A semi-transparent filter can also be placed there. The main PCB is inserted in the enclosure at the back and mounted with the use of dedicated guide rails – in certain models PCB can be replaced from the front. The depth of these products reaches from 50 to 200mm. The whole enclosure can be assembled and mounted without the use of any tools. Therefore, products from the INCABOX series are a perfect solution for industrial applications where they assure solid protection and easy installation/maintenance of drivers, displays, and other automation components.

Potting enclosures

Potting enclosures are used for the encapsulation of electronic circuits. This kind of insulation is used mostly in the case of high-voltage circuits where there is a risk of electric arc/electrical breakdown being created. Potting is also an effective method of securing electronic components from the atmospheric conditions such as humidity and dust. Made of black ABS, Italtronic enclosures are tightly closed containers adapted for encapsulation with epoxy resin or other insulating substance. They are available in six sizes that match the needs of various applications – both small power circuits and larger PCBs.


In the TME catalogue, you can also find additional elements and modules which you can use for upgrading of the Italtronic enclosures. An example of such product is a frame equipped with a transparent, openable covers – compatible with panel-mounted enclosures from the INCABOX series. They effectively shield the displays and switches installed on the front of the panel from dust and splashes, thus increasing the safety and service life of the devices. Another accessory for this series is a back panel with power and signal connectors.



Italtronic accessories include, among others, mounting kits.

However, the accompanying products are not limited to INCABOX. All the presented series have dedicated accessories, such as semi-transparent filters, cap plugs, mounting elements – and the vast majority of these solutions is sent directly from our warehouse. This way, TME’s clients can receive both the enclosure and all the accessories required for its installation as fast as possible.

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text: tme.eu


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