Han S connectors for energy storage systems and new products from HARTING


High-current connectors and ribbon cables.

The HARTING brand is known in global markets as a manufacturer of excellent quality connectors, cables and other solutions for industry, as well as professional and specialist equipment. Much of the company’s product range is available directly from TME’s warehouses, to the satisfaction of our customers. These are primarily industrial connectors (HDC), including modular and long-life connectors, as well as round connectors. Moreover, we offer powering, signal and data connectors from HARTING – in many cases these products are additionally protected from moisture, mechanical damage etc. Industrial network elements (Ethernet) as well as special cables designed and created to work in difficult environmental conditions are also available via TME.

Below, we present two new groups of products that not everyone would guess come from HARTING. Nevertheless, they are distinguished by precision and durability that are characteristic of this brand. These are the Han S series connectors for energy storage systems (new product) and ribbon cables.

Han S connectors

Energy storage systems have become an integral part of not only environmentally friendly power industry, but also of data centres and server rooms, or even residential housing and individual households. The energy stored in batteries is used to ensure the continuity of power supply. In the case of ITC infrastructure this is crucial for data security. A similar function is performed by rechargeable batteries ensuring emergency power supply to alarm systems, as well as many other devices, during power outages.

Energy storage systems usually consist of batteries connected in series or in parallel – Han S series connectors are dedicated for such applications. The series comprises specially insulated, high-current, compact connectors, rotatable over 360° in relation to the socket axis. Their task is to provide a permanent connection between the electrodes. In this way, they facilitate the installation, maintenance, and repair of energy storage system (whose proper work requires systematic replacement of cells), protecting the users at the same time.


Han S contacts were designed to handle a current of 200A. They are made of copper alloy and have crimp contacts – they are adapted to wires with a cross-section of 25mm2, 35mm2 and 50 mm2. The rated voltage of these components is 1.5kV (still, such high potential differences rarely occur in real-life applications).


Possibility to choose cables with different cross-sections.


Plug housings include a gland to fix the cable and the contact.

The Han S plug housings are made of durable material and are characterized by UL94V-0 flammability class (self-extinguishing within 10 seconds of removing the flame). They are available in black and red colour. These components feature a gland which, when tightened, clamps on the contact sleeve to provide durable connection. Han S plugs are angular components, the cable is led out perpendicularly to the socket axis.


The Han S sockets are available in two variants – with bolt or busbar termination (cable leading from the cell is connected to them). Inside the socket, there is an insulation cap (which is required by the UL 1977 safety standard). The housing of a socket has a lever with which the plug is locked, preventing its accidental disconnection. It should be emphasised here that the angular plug can be rotated in the socket around the contact axis over up to 360 degrees, which facilitates serial connection of the cells, especially in the case of inflexible wires with a large cross-section.


Socket with a lever that facilitates connection

Ribbon cables

Ribbon cables are very often used to transmit signals – especially between PCBs inside devices, but it is not their only application. Their unquestionable advantage is compatibility with IDC connectors that are very easy to implement on printed circuit boards and compliant with the most popular pitches of the outputs of electronic elements (1.27mm, 2.54mm etc.). However, in addition to the standard, well-known ribbons, HARTING has also developed special cables dedicated for installation in the industrial conditions.

Flat ribbon cables


Standard ribbon cable with a high thermal tolerance (up to 105°C).

Standard HARTING ribbon cables consist of strands with a cross-section of 28AWG (American Wire Gauge), made of tinned copper. All of them are available in the 1.27mm pitch, so they can be used with the most popular variant of IDC connectors. The PVC sheath tolerates temperatures from -20°C to 105°C, thanks to which these products may be used, for instance, near heat sinks, inside enclosures, etc. The cables themselves are characterized by a rated voltage of 300V. They are available in reels of 30.5m and 100m, and in widths from 6 to 64 cores.

Ribbon cables with a round cross-section

An important advantage of ribbon cables enclosed in the sheath with a round cross-section is a large number of cores and convenient installation at the same time. Such a cable can be easily led through a slot and even secured with a gland, but after removing the insulation, mounting the connector on the cable does not cause any problems. In many cases, these features may prove irreplaceable, especially in terms of multi-core connections. HARTING ribbons with a round cross-section contain from 9 to 64 cores. Similarly to the flat variants, they consist of copper/tinned 28AWG wires. An additional advantage of these solutions are shielded variants (aluminium foil and braid). They will be a perfect choice for industrial conditions, devices emitting electromagnetic interference as well as in the telecommunications sector. The outer diameter of the cables is from 6.4mm to 13.3mm.


Round cables are available in double-shield variants.

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