H1Z2Z2-K solar cables by LAPP


Durable, safe, and resistant to environmental conditions.

The TME catalogue has long included numerous components for renewable energy systems, and our range is constantly expanding. Today we would like to present one such specialised product – H1Z2Z2-K cables for solar installations manufactured by the renowned brand LAPP.

The components of solar installations are usually characterised by very good parameters – among other things, due to the safety of users and the high currents in domestic and industrial photovoltaic systems. Cables used in solar installations are made according to EN 50618 standard. According to its guidelines, cables with the rated voltage of up to 1000 V DC and 1500 V AC (with respect to individual conductors or ground potential) must be halogen-free, have low smoke emission and guarantee service life of at least 25 years. Naturally, this characteristic is matched by LAPP solar cables. Moreover, they meet the Fire Reaction Class Dca . This means that, according to the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) they can be used in residential and public buildings and high rise architecture (above 25m) The cables are also characterised by high impact resistance (UL 854) and are resistant to chemical and environmental exposure – including water (moisture) and UV radiation.

Therefore, the H1Z2Z2-K cables are used in the wiring of both outdoor and indoor photovoltaic modules and for connecting the individual series of modules and the inverter. They are made of thin tin-plated copper wires and therefore have the highest flexibility class (6).


Conductor cross-section 4 mm2


Conductor cross-section 6mm2


Conductor cross-section 10mm2

We offer LAPP solar cables with three conductor cross-sections: 4 mm2, 6 mm2, 10 mm2, and three standard insulation colours for each thickness: red, black, and blue. The H1Z2Z2-K cables are suitable for a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 90°C, and can therefore be used in almost any photovoltaic installation.

CPR D~ca~
Number of cores 1
Core structure tin-plated copper
Core type stranded wire
Flexibility class 6
Insulation material cross-linked copolymer
Operating temperature from -40°C to 90°C

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