Fans for Rittal control cabinets


Overview of the offer of filter mats, covers, and other accessories.


Ensuring adequate ventilation of control cabinets in automation systems, ICT, and electrical systems is one of the main tasks of the installer. Forced air flow helps in thermoregulation of electronic circuits, while efficient filtration prevents failures caused by dust and moisture. Depending on the size and characteristics of the installation, fans with adequate capacity, power, and supply voltage will be required.

Since the service life of controllers and other expensive devices depends on the operation of fans, it is worth sticking to recognised and proven brands when looking for the right installation components. One such manufacturer is Rittal – a German company with 60 years of tradition in the production of HVAC products. The selection of dedicated enclosure and automation solutions from Rittal is presented below. The range includes the fans themselves as well as accessories such as covers and consumables (filter mats).

AC fans

Rittal axial AC fans are supplied with a louvred grille and a filter mat. In the standard kit they are IP54-rated. Models powered by 115V and 230V AC are available from the TME catalogue. Power consumption ranges from 18 W to 135 W, which translates into air throughput from 66 m3/h to 770 m3/h. The dimensions of the fans in this group range from 148.5 mm to 323 mm. The devices have built-in fuses (2A), and; the manufacturer guarantees the service life up to approx. 65000 h (depending on the model). The offer also includes a roof-mounted RITTAL-3139100 variant with a base area of 400×400 mm and a height of 133 mm. It is a 62 W roof fan with an air flow of 525 m3/h for either inside or outside mounting.


Roof-mounted fan 400x400mm (height: 133 mm).

DC fans


DC fan unit (IP54 rated).

In many cases, DC powered fans are the optimal solution. This applies to mobile applications (vehicle installations) and ICT systems, where voltage converters are an integral component. Rittal offers DC fans in standard sizes: 92 mm and 124 mm. Like the AC models, the products are equipped with covers and filter inserts. The air throughput/fan performance is 20m3/ h and 55m3/ h at 3 W and 5.5 W.

Fans accessories: covers and filter mats

Proper installation and maintenance of fans requires the selection of appropriate accessories. TME’s offer includes Rittal branded accessories, thanks to which customers can be sure that they buy compatible filter mats and covers.

Filters (louvred grilles)

Filters installed on the fan consist of a louvred grille and a filter box. These accessories are adapted to the dimensions of the devices described above. They are made of white ABS plastic, which gives them an aesthetic look.


The grille made of ABS, fitted with a filter mat.

Filter mats (polyurethane)

Depending on the application, appropriate filter mats may be required. Rittal products are made of polyurethane, chemical fibre, or nickel-chrome steel. The last two materials withstand temperatures up to 100 ° C and filter dust with a grain size above10 µm. In most cases the filter mats are distributed in sets containing 3 or 5 pieces, while the sizes offered range from 89x89mm to 323x323mm.


Set of polyurethane filter mats.

Rittal covers are designed for fan sizes 92mm, 124mm, and 292mm. Their function is to protect the fan inlets from splashing due to precipitation, as well as when washing control cabinets with a water jet. To ensure full protection of electromechanical components, the covers are made of stainless steel and fitted with silicone seals.
Cover protecting the fan inlet from splashing.
Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.The original source of text: tme.eu

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