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Digital electronics applications, whether consumer or industrial devices, are increasingly part of the IoT (Internet of Things), and therefore require constant network connection. Even if they do not connect to the Internet directly – via Wi-Fi – they often use other methods of wireless data transmission (such as the ZigBee protocol). Wireless communication is also essential for devices that acquire geographic location information using global navigation satellite systems.

In each of these cases,  a special antenna for optimal reception/transmission results is required. Since the vast majority of modern communication technologies use super high frequencies (UHF and SHF), the radiators can be miniaturized. However, the components must be of high-precision manufacture and thoroughly tested design. Below are such solutions from Ethertronics/Kyocera AVX. The company was formed from the merger of several well-known and trusted engineering brands. Its products enable data transmission and reception using multiple standards, such as LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, ISM, GNSS, V2X, or UWB.

Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/ZigBee communication

Applications that are intended to be compatible with popular devices such as tablets, computers, or HID accessories are usually equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication modules. TME offers miniature antennas, mainly surface mount antennas, which will provide optimal transmission parameters while maintaining compact size of the whole circuit. Due to their operating frequencies, these antennas will also be compatible with ZigBee modules; Zigbee is an energy-efficient solution with relatively simple-to-implement protocol often used in microprocessor systems .


Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi /ZigBee

Global navigation satellite systems: GPS, BEIDOU, Galileo, and GLONASS




Although GPS is the most popular global navigation satellite system, the past few decades have seen the development of several competing technologies that are growing in popularity. These are Chinese BEIDU, European Galileo, and Russian GLONASS (ГЛОНАСС) systems. Because these solutions rely on signals with similar parameters, Ethertronics/Kyocera AVX offers both system-specific and universal antennas.

Transmission over GSM, LTE networks

Mobile systems, alarm systems, and atmospheric and weather sensors often use mobile data transmission. TME catalogue includes miniature antennas (with MMCX connectors) and external radiators using SMA connectors. They are adapted to the most frequently used bands, i.e., approx. 690-960 MHz, 1710-2200 MHz, and 2500-2700 MHz.



ISM antennas


In case of devices requiring short-range communication of simple messages, the most economical and popular solution are ISM modules working at frequencies of approx. 868 MHz & 915 MHz. Ethertronics/Kyocera AVX ceramic antennas allow to establish stable communication on these bands while maintaining compact device dimensions. As with the products described above, our customers can also purchase expansion boards to facilitate the use of a compact SMD antenna for prototyping. These are PCB circuits factory fitted with antennas and SMA connectors.

Multi-band/multifunctional antennas

The last family of products in our portfolio are Ethertronics/Kyocera AVX multi-band antennas. These antennas combine multiple antennas in one package. They are designed for use in road and rail vehicles, mobile projects, and outdoor mounted devices. Each antenna has its own clearly labeled cable terminated with an SMA connector. Most enclosures are dustproof and watertight (also IPX7 rated).


Multi-band/multifunctional antennas

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