Efficient and economical radio module by Aurel


868 MHz transceiver with FSK modulation.

This week, we recommend to our customers the RTX-8L3V-FSK transceiver by Aurel.

One of the key tasks of electronic systems, often invisible to the user, is to ensure data exchange between different components and systems. When this process occurs within a single, integrated device, the designer can choose from a wide range of transmission standards (regarding the signal parameters, timing and methods of building data blocks). An increasing need for connecting the systems which are far away from one other led to the development of the RS232 standard and similar technologies. However, for those solutions, the PCB had to be equipped with connectors and proper cabling, which posed some difficulties, especially in the case of small devices. That is the reason why it is more common to use radio transmission these days.

There are many products available on the market which provide wireless data transmission, usually rather complicated. However, you can also use a solution that is an alternative for the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based systems, namely transceivers. They have both transmitter and receiver circuits integrated in one module, thanks to which they are truly compact devices. They are an almost universal solution that may be used for a variety of purposes.


RTX-8L3V-FSK RF module

The RTX-8L3V-FSK transceiver by Aurel operates in the unlicensed ISM radio band (Industrial, Scientific, Medical), at the frequency of 868 MHz. The signal is modulated using the FSK method (Frequency-Shift Keying), and the bidirectional transmission takes place in the half-duplex mode, which means that a single module can perform only one of its functions at a given moment, i.e. transmit or receive the signal. The module is suitable for wireless serial data transmission at the speed of up to 4 Kbit/s, which is sufficient for simple control applications or exchange of small amounts of information (e.g. temperature reading from a remote probe). The manufacturer pays special attention to the system’s efficiency: in addition to the high sensitivity mode, the user/designer can use the ‘power down’ mode. Such a solution is suitable for small, battery-powered devices, e.g. remote controls, remote sensors, loggers, home automation and similar applications.

Type of communication module: RF
Kind of module: FM transceiver
Kind of modulation: FSK
Frequency: 868.3 MHz
Interface: serial
Receiver sensitivity: -100 dBm
Dimensions: 25.4×12.4×3 mm
TX/RX supply current: 20/11 mA
Transmitter power: 5 mW

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