Dual loop controller for demanding industrial applications


RE92 module by LUMEL.

RE92 is an advanced dual loop controller offered by LUMEL, known for its wide range of solutions for industrial automation.

RE92-1101000M0 (1)

RE92-1101000M0 dual loop controller

The RE92 module is designed for demanding industrial applications. It can independently and directly control two controlled objects or two physical values. Thanks to the universal measuring inputs, it can be used for controlling temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, or liquid level. The downloaded data is displayed on a 3.5″ Full-Colour TFT LCD. Process parameters can also be logged on SD card (.csv files), as well as downloaded remotely, thanks to the built-in FTP and WWW servers. The products support the Polish and English languages. The access to the controller programming panel is protected by passwords for 4 users (3 access levels).

The device has 6 types of alarm (with programmable hysteresis), the so-called Gain Scheduling function (conditioning behaviour by temperature, time, etc). The controller is connected to the installation using screw terminals on the rear panel. Also available are: Ethernet port, SD card slot, Mini USB connector, digital inputs (supporting basic functions such as stopping the controller operation, switching to manual control mode, etc.), as well as RS485 master/slave. It is worth noting that RE92 supports the Modbus RTU protocol and is adapted to retrieve data from two external devices (up to 20 registers in total).


Module type Dual loop controller
Controlled values pressure, speed, fluid flow, temperature, humidity
Mounting Panel mounting
Number of outputs 6
Number of inputs 3
Iterations number setting -999…9999, depending on temperature sensor
Operating temperature 0…50°C
Programming method rubber keys, PC
External dimensions 96x96x100mm
Panel cut-out dimensions: 92.5×92.5mm
IP rating IP65 (from the front)
Display type Colour, TFT 3.5″ (320×240)
Supply voltage 85…253V AC/DC

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