DDR-480 MEAN WELL series – efficient power supply in small dimensions


Converters even for the most demanding industrial applications.

  • Higher efficiency, longer lifetime of converters
  • Solid workmanship, small dimensions
  • The highest quality confirmed by certificates

TME now offers a new series of DDR-480 converters from MEAN WELL, intended for high power applications in industry, transport or telecommunications systems. The series is designed with the maximum functionality in mind, and at the same time care is taken of the functional values of the device. Excellent performance and high efficiency (over 90%) in the case of the DDR-480 series were combined with small dimensions, thanks to which these converters can be used even within very limited spaces. The obtained permits and certificates make the DDR-480 converters a trustworthy solution in the most demanding applications.

DDR-480 is a series of DC-DC converters intended for DIN rail mounting, with 480W power rating. Converters are available in versions intended for circuits requiring a voltage of 12V, 24V or 48V. The series is designed to operate in a wide range of 2:1 input voltages. Depending on the module, it can be 16.8-33.6VDC, 33.6-67.2VDC or 67.2-154VDC. The protective function of the converters is ensured by protection against overload, short-circuit, overvoltage, reverse polarity at the input and the input voltage drop. An important feature in industrial applications is the ability to temporarily provide load the converter with a power greater than the rated power, which is useful when working, for example, with lighting or induction motors. All DDR-480 series models will withstand an overload of 150% of rated power for more than 5 seconds. In the event of a prolonged overload, overvoltage or overheating, the inverter will cut-off the output voltage and return to normal operation automatically once the operating parameters have stabilized. Thanks to the solutions used, the MTBF (which defines the mean time between failures) at the level of 280,000 hours was achieved, which ensures a long period of uninterrupted operation and simplifies maintenance activities.

Higher efficiency, longer life of converters


DDR-480C-24 power supply

Power supply is a key element in automation systems, industry and transport, where the quality of the supplied energy translates into the reliability of the entire system. In such specialized applications, the expectations regarding these power devices are high and concern both the appropriate operating parameters and functional properties. The use of a high-class module guarantees the correct operation of all devices in the system powered by DC voltage and immunity to unexpected events in the power grid. The inverter must operate long and stable, be resistant to disturbances in the power grid and ensure high energy efficiency.

The DDR-480 series from MEAN WELL is characterized by high efficiency, reaching as much as 93%. Low own losses mean, above all, energy savings, which perfectly responds to the activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency, which are common to virtually every business. On the utility side, it means less energy dissipated in the converter and less overheating of the module during operation, which significantly extends the life of the element. As a result, the device does not require a fan and relies solely on open air circulation.

Solid workmanship, small dimensions

What distinguishes the DDR-480 series on the market is undoubtedly the fact that such great possibilities are concentrated in a small and light housing. The dimensions of the converter are only 85.5mm x 125.2mm x 128.5mm (width x height x depth), which means that in their class, they are some of the smallest on the market. The weight of the component is less than 1.4 kg. The compact dimensions allow for a significant saving of valuable space and facilitate installation in the case of limited space. Converters from the DDR-480 series are designed to be mounted on a TS-35/7.5 or 15 rail at a distance of only 5mm from other modules. LED operation signaling, remote monitoring and control are examples of features that improve the comfort and ease of maintenance of DDR-480 power supplies.

The highest quality confirmed by certificates

MEAN WELL places great emphasis on product quality and meeting the highest standards, which is confirmed by certificates and approvals of the products offered in the most demanding markets. The reliability and safety of use of the DDR-480 series are confirmed by certificates of compliance with international safety standards, incl. IEC 62368-1, UL 62368-1, EN 55032. It is an important confirmation that the product complies with legal requirements and regulations, but most of all it guarantees the safety of personnel and powered equipment during operation. The EMC electromagnetic compatibility has been confirmed in accordance with EN55032 and EN61000 . A feature that is worth emphasizing is the input-output voltage strength at the level of 4000VDC . Thanks to high-quality housing materials, the DDR-480 series is also highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable operation in a wide range of temperatures and atmospheric humidity, as well as under conditions of vibration or mechanical shock. The devices have undergone appropriate environmental tests based on the relevant standards for testing electrotechnical devices. It is worth emphasizing that the DDR-480 series also meets the railway standard N50155/IEC60571 in terms of mechanical resistance, fire protection and EMC.

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