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Products from the British Cynergy3 brand (belonging to the Sensata Group) have been recently added to the TME catalogue. These are high quality sensors and transducers for industrial applications. We also offer a wireless system, which can be used to control processes at a distance of up to 750m, as well as reed relays from the same manufacturer. Below, you will find an overview of the Cynergy3 products that have been added to the TME’s range of products. The products are now available directly from our warehouses.

Liquid level sensors

Liquid level sensors are being used in many different industrial applications as well as in hydraulic systems, households, farms and many other. They are designed to monitor whether the liquid level in the tank has not been exceeded (too low or too high). Cynergy3 sensors come in many options: equipped with a float placed on the guide (mounted in the hole in the lid or bottom), as well as designed for horizontal installation (in the wall) – which allows to place a few sensors and more precise monitoring of the liquid level in the tank. Cynergy3 products are adapted to a wide range of temperatures (for selected models made of metal, above 100°C). Depending on the needs, there are products that can act as an independent controller (for example, for the electro valve), adapted to loads of up to 100VA, as well as sensors working with lower voltages (from 5V DC). Products are fitted with seals and can be mounted in holes of different diameters (including M10, M12, 1/4″, 1/2″). In many cases, Cynergy3 products provide mechanical and electrical configuration options, allowing you to match the operating mode to your specific application.

Flow sensors

Flow sensors are another commonly used component of automation systems, especially in manufacturing plants (cosmetic industry, chemical industry, etc.). Cynergy3 offers models equipped with a single pair of normally open contacts (SPST-NO), i.e. contacts that close the circuit when the liquid flows through the sensor. The minimum detected flow is 0.9l/min. and the maximum switched power reaches 25VA (for 120V DC or 240V AC) – so they can also be used as an element of an emergency switch (closing the valve in case of leakage). The components described here are made for 12mm, 22mm, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ connections, so they can be easily implemented in most standard installations. In addition, they have a wide thermal tolerance (e.g. from -20°C to 85°C).


Cynergy3 flow sensors can handle pressure of up to 10bar.

Optical liquid level sensors

Precise optical liquid level sensors with a transistor output.

Optical sensors are applied in point detection of liquid levels. They use the characteristics of infrared light wave dispersion in air and liquids. Moreover, these sensors have no mechanical elements, and are therefore characterized by precision and long lifespan. The sensors are fitted with transistor outputs (up to 28V DC), designed to work with TTL drivers/controllers. TME also offers products with an extended temperature range (from -40°C to 125°C), tolerating pressures of up to 7bar, designed for external and internal mounting (different mounting nut locations). The products have pre-installed, 250mm long leads. Thanks to this specification and the polymer housing (PSU), Cynergy3 solutions can be used for example to control the level of coolant as well as heated oils – they are also resistant to false indications caused by fluid foaming.

Pressure transducers

Cynergy3 pressure transducers are based on piezoelectric sensors and use microprocessor controlled amplifiers: they require no adjustment by the installer, and the temperature compensation is automatic. Customers can choose a transmitter with the maximum range from 50mbar to 400bar. Metal housings and Viton seals ensure durability and stable operation in harsh environments. The products have current and voltage outputs (in different ranges) and require a power supply from 9V to 32V DC. Sensor connection is via a DIN 43650 standard connector or an M12 round industrial connector.


Cynergy3 precision pressure transmitter with 0.5% accuracy.

Wireless temperature/pressure transducers

IWR-1 single receiver for wireless sensors.

The Industrial Wireless system is a comprehensive solution offered by Cynergy3. This range of products consists of pressure sensors (IWPT), temperature sensors (K or J thermocouples; IWTT) and receivers (IWR). The main benefit of the IW transmitters is their long battery life (even 5 years for 10-second measurement intervals). Their transmission range reaches up to 750m (in a straight line and open space). The receivers are powered with voltage from 12V to 32V DC. Depending on the model, they have a single output or 3 current/voltage outputs. They can be configured to receive signals transmitted on one (IWR-1) or five (IWR-5) channels. They are IP65-rated (glands included), offering very simple operation, which reduces both the installation and maintenance time. An additional feature is the alarm output (closing a circuit with a maximum current of 5A).

Converters and separators for analogue signals

Cynergy3 separators, ensuring galvanic isolation of input and output, can be used with most standard sensors used in industrial automation. The TME range of products also includes frequency and analog signal converters, which allow you to adapt signals from different sources to the inputs of a typical controller (e.g. conversion of impulses from a tachometer to a current output). There are also limit value converters, working with thermocouples, current/voltage sensors and other types of signals – they are equipped with a pair of relays adapted to typical power grid voltages (240V AC, 3A). All the above-mentioned devices are designed for DIN rail mounting and are connected to the installation circuit by means of screw terminals


Frequency converter with a 0-250kHz range has current and voltage outputs.

Reed relays


Reed relay for a maximum voltage of 7kV AC or DC.

Reed relays are often used in industrial automation as elements of sensors and controllers. They are characterized by very long life (in the case of Cynergy3, even 10 billion cycles) and the switching speed. The TME catalogue includes relays adapted to both very low voltages (1V DC) and high voltages (7kV AC/DC), protected by insulation which can withstand up to 17kV. Most models are designed for through-hole mounting (THT), e.g. in controller circuits, while other products are panel mounted. Nominal coil voltage ranges from 3V to 24V DC. Customers have a choice of SPST-NC and NO contact configurations. It should be noted here that reed relays are one of the specialties of the Cynergy3 brand.

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