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Components of pneumatic systems have been added to the TME catalogue recently. They are very popular among our clients, so we keep on extending our range of these products to make sure we can offer solutions for various applications. Below, you will find an overview of products by Pneumat System, also known as Flowmatik, and in our catalogue simply referred to as Pneumat.

Pneumat System in the TME catalogue

Pneumat System has been operating in the pneumatic industry since 1976. It is one of the central European manufacturers who appeared on the global market in the time of the political and economic breakthrough of the early 1990s. Currently, the company belongs to the most recognisable producers offering a vast range of solutions for pneumatic systems – fittings, hoses, valves, actuators and other accessories. These are items that can be used in compressed as well as vacuum air systems and those supplying other media (e.g. oils, fuel). Read below to learn about some products from this comprehensive range. For detailed descriptions of these solutions, make sure you see our catalogue.

Plug-in fittings

Pneumat System’s BLUELINE and BLUELINE Mini series of plug-in fittings are designed for high-pressure as well as vacuum systems, they are also available in variants adapted for water and oils. Our clients can choose from among bulkhead, threaded, angular, straight, pass-through (in-line) and reducer fittings. In the TME catalogue, you will also find T- and Y-shaped fittings. Selected models can operate in temperatures up to 300°C. The fittings are available in standard metric and inch sizes and can be connected to hoses with a diameter of 3mm to 16mm.Their maximum operating pressure is up to 10 or 15 bar.


Pass-through (bulkhead) fitting from the BLUELINE series made of nickel-plated brass.

Quick couplings


1/4″ quick coupling adapted to 300bar.

In many industrial automation systems (e.g. injection moulding machines, dispensers and other devices working on production lines) the key factors are: the possibility to change connections quickly and the resistance to frequent connection/disconnection cycles. Therefore, couplings are used. Thanks to them, the reconfiguration of lines in machine park runs smoothly (while maintaining leak tightness and reliable connection). They are also irreplaceable in mobile devices (compressors, pumps, etc.) Pneumat System quick couplings are made of metals (brass, steel) and thus have an excellent thermal tolerance (up to 180°C). Seals made of FPM (Viton) ensure that the connectors fit tightly into the sockets. Products are available in all popular sizes and offer connections with inch threads (including BSP) from 1/8” do 1 ½”. They are also available with nipples enabling connection with pneumatic/injection hoses.

Pneumatic hoses

Pneumat System’s hoses for pneumatic systems are made of polyamide, polyethylene and polyurethane. You can choose from among hoses made of these materials, having in mind their intended application and chemical properties, as well as temperature of the transported medium (from -40°C to 80°C). The hoses can also be used in vacuum systems. There are two products groups available: (1) 25m long sections with an inner diameter ranging from 4mm to 12 mm; (2) elastic (spiral) hoses equipped with NW7.2 quick couplings (5m, 10m and 15m long) and spring strain relief which are a ready-made solution compatible with the hoses described above.


Polyurethane hose with quick couplings offers thermal tolerance ranging from -20°C up to 70°C.

Air preparation units


Units contains basic components such as filters and fitting accessories.

The air preparation unit has three functions: it protects the pneumatic installation from contamination by particulate matter or foreign body (filter built in), ensures that the set pressure is maintained (reductor) and provides oil mist for the correct operation of the system (lubricator). As some consumables are used in these products (e.g. filter insert), they have a modular design to facilitate maintenance. The units offer 1/8” do 1”connections and can operate in temperatures ranging from -10°C up to 60°C. Depending on the model, they ensure filtration of 5μm or 20μm particles, even in the case of flows greater than 1100l/min.


At TME, you can find four types of valves which differ in control method. These are electromagnetic, mechanical (opened with an integrated lever), ball valves (similar to popular hydraulic valves) and pneumatic components (their status depends on the inlet pressure value). Pneumat System produces solutions adapted to systems transporting petrol, oil, non-aggressive liquids (and water), gases and compressed air. The valves can operate under the maximum pressure of 10bar (depending on the product). They are available in 3/2 (including NC) and 5/2 (bistable and monostable, a typical solution used with pneumatic actuators) configurations. A great advantage of the manufacturer’s solutions is no need for lubrication and a vast range of inlet/outlet thread diameters.


A 5/2 valve with a lever – a ready-made component for the manual control of actuators.

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text: tme.eu

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