AXIOMET arbitrary waveform generators


5MHz or 15MHz maximum waveform frequency.

The AX-DG1000AF series includes two dual-channel arbitrary waveform generators with a maximum waveform frequency of 5MHz for the AX-DG1005AF model and 15MHz for the AX-DG1015AF model. The devices offer 8-bit vertical resolution, 100Msps sampling rate and 1024pts memory record length.


AX-DG1005AF (5MHz)


AX-DG1005AF (15MHz)

The generators feature 32 built-in waveforms and a user-definable 8 arbitrary waveforms. A large, 3.5 inch colour TFT display with an intuitive user interface significantly improves the comfort of use and allows for quick setting adjustments. Thanks to the use of the Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology, the devices generate stable waveforms with no distortion or noise. The free software included in the set allows for remote control of the generator from a PC via the RS-232 interface.

The AX-DG1000AF series generators additionally feature FM, FSK, ASK and PSK modulation functions, a precise 200 MHz frequency counter and memory for 40 settings. Built-in multi-level protection solutions against overvoltage, overload, short-circuit and reverse polarity, among others, ensure the safety of operation.

The high accuracy of the generated waveforms and the low distortion of the output signal make the Axiomet AX-DG1000 series generators a perfect solution not only for educational but also industrial and laboratory applications.

Type of generator function, arbitrary waveform
No. of channels 2
Maximum frequency 5MHz or 15MHz
Sampling 100Msps
Memory record length 1024pts
Interface RS232
Additional functions frequency counter
Weight 3.5kg
Dimensions 415x295x195mm

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