AX-DG2010AF – dual-channel function generator from Axiomet with an extended frequency range.


Axiomet AX-DG2010AF is a high-performance dual-channel function/arbitrary generator with a maximum frequency of 10 MHz, sampling rate of 125 MSa/s and 14-bit vertical resolution.  The device uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology and is capable of generating accurate, stable, and distortion-free output signals.

The AX-DG2010AF is equipped with technology that keeps the rise/fall time very short (<12 ns), providing a wide frequency range. This makes the device a much more versatile generator than other similar designs. The generator offered by Axiomet has a user-friendly graphical interface that significantly improves the comfort of work. Additionally, generator settings and waveform files can be saved in internal or external memory. The included software and USB cable allow you to control the device from a PC.


AX-DG2010AF generator

Key features of the AX-DG2010AF:

  • 46 arbitrary waveform types,
  • Build-in high precision 200 MHz frequency counter,
  • Multiple modulations, sweep mode, burst mode,
  • Remote control from PC.


Generator type: function/arbitrary
Maximum waveform frequency: 10MHz
Number of channels: 2
Memory record length: 16kpts/ch

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text:  tme.eu

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