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Although the average consumer associates the Panasonic brand with consumer electronics, experts in industrial automation are well aware of the other face of the Japanese company. The brand formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial specializes in the production of devices from many fields – ensuring high specialization and product quality. That is why TME offers many Panasonic products. Most of them are available directly from our warehouses. As a result, we can reduce delivery times to customers as much as possible, which in the case of automation components means minimum downtime and improved maintenance of machines.
In this article we will discuss several product groups. This is just a sample from the wide range of Panasonic products available at TME. In addition to the range described below, the on-line catalogue also includes passive components (e.g., a wide range of capacitors), microswitches, electromagnetic relays and much more. For our entire range of Panasonic products, please visit the link below.

Photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric sensors are found in many areas of automation – although the most common applications include intelligent buildings, lighting, alarm, and HVAC systems. They are also used in devices such as ticket machines. Panasonic reflective sensors are called PaPIR, which stands for – Panasonic Passive Intrared (or pyroelectric, a type of infrared detector). The products of the Japanese manufacturer are made of environmentally friendly materials. The EKMB series stands out for its very low power consumption (1 µA or 6 µA). As their supply voltage is 2.3 V to 4 V DC, they are ideal for battery-powered devices , e.g. for occasional and automatic lighting of sites located far from the power grid and remote monitoring systems (CCTV). They have digital outputs and are immune to interference that could cause false triggering. The components are designed for through-hole technology (THT).


PaPIRs motion sensor, 5 m detection distance.

DIN rail power supplies

FP-PS24 is a series of DIN rail mounted DC power supplies. They are designed to be powered directly from the mains anywhere in the world (85 V to 264 AC, 47 to 63 Hz). They provide a stable voltage of 24V DC that can be adjusted with a potentiometer from 23 V to 29 V. The series includes three models, with the following suffixes at the end of the model number: 023E, 060E, and 120E. Their maximum output current is 1A, 2.5A, and 5A at constant load, respectively. These values may be exceeded temporarily (e.g., during start-up) by 25% (for 7 seconds) or 50% (up to 3 seconds). The efficiency of the power supplies reaches up to 91.5%, which, combined with the use of branded capacitors with long life, guarantees ergonomic operation and durability – important features for power supplies used in automation.


Panasonic FP-PS24 switch mode power supply; 120 W.

Manufactured in accordance with EN60950 (Information Technology Equipment standard) and IEC60068 (shock testing). The power supplies are protected against output short circuit or overload. If the output voltage exceeds 35 V DC due to a fault (e.g. flooding), the output will be cut off.


In modern automation systems, we are increasingly encountering autonomous control units, i.e., PLCs (Programmable Logic Control). Programmable logic controllers allow the development of compact production or transport lines (manufacturing or storage/shipment), implementation of complex automation in buildings, and the implementation of many other solutions / improvements. Panasonic offers several product groups, the characteristics of which will be discussed below. It should be noted here that the mentioned products are described in detail in our catalogue and information brochures. Detailed product information can be found on the individual product pages.

FP0R series

The FP0R series includes compact (25mm wide) PLC modules and their accessories. The central units are equipped with an RS232C port, high-speed control systems, and a mini USB port (intended for programming). The program capacity is 32 000 steps. Up to four axes can be controlled without an expansion unit. Each FP0R module can also be used as an analogue controller (using a capacitor filter at the PWM output). The inputs are linked to high speed counters that are program independent, allowing precise counting of input pulses (e.g., from encoders or sensors). It is worth noting that Panasonic has given users the option to connect up to 99 FP0R units using the Modbus protocol, while each unit supports up to 128 I/O points – which allows you to build a very extensive control system. The controllers are equipped with non-volatile memory, which in many cases will reduce the time to restart machines/equipment after a power failure.


FP0R series expansion module (16 inputs, 16 outputs) and accessories included.

PLCs from Panasonic can be programmed using FPWIN Pro programming software, which is well documented both by the manufacturer and by many users, who publish sample solutions and tutorials on the Internet. The software allows you to control the operation of controllers using ladder diagrams, block diagrams, as well as instruction lists and structured text, among others. The video below shows an example of a simple ladder program.

FP0H series

FP0H series controllers have similar functionality to the units described above, but belong to a newer generation of devices and are designed for enhanced communication. With built-in RJ-45 ports, they can be directly connected to networks using Ethernet /IP, Modbus -TCP or MC (MEWTOCOL) protocols. As a result, they work with a range of devices – not just those made by Panasonic. They are ideal for machine monitoring (transmitting data to the server or visualising it on the screen of a computer connected to the local network). Data can also be saved on an SD card, as each unit has an SD slot. If it is necessary to adapt the controller to other communication methods, FP0H series extension cassettes are available (e.g., AFP0HCCS1M1).


RJ-45 ports are installed in the FP0H PLC module.

The controller itself is equipped with 16 inputs, 16 outputs (transistorized) and 4 HSC inputs (i.e., high-speed counter). The devices operate with 24 V DC.

FP-X and FP-X0 controllers

The FP-X series is designed to meet the needs of installers and designers of complex automation systems. The products in this group are designed to control complex and precise devices while reducing the number of controllers themselves. This allows the construction of compact and relatively simple control systems with minimal effort. All FP-X units are based on fast 32-bit RISC processors. When using expansion modules (additional I/O ports) a single controller can support up to 300 I/O points. The central and auxiliary units have have relay outputs with a load capacity of up to 2 A, and can therefore be used to directly control electromechanical components (solenoid valves, servos, etc.). Additional communication ports (Modbus, PLC-link, RS232, etc.) are available after installation of compatible modules.


Affordable FP-X0 drivers programmable via the built in USB port.

For system modification and servicing, the FP-X controllers are equipped with independent, non-volatile memory to store code comments. Thus, the algorithm can include information that will reduce the time it takes to “decode” and edit it – even if it is done by a completely different person than the developer.

The FP-X0 product group has similar functionality to the FP-X series, but to a limited extent. These are simpler, affordable PLCs, powered from 100V to 240 V AC, suitable for most tasks related to control of electromechanical machines and components. They have a maximum program capacity of 8 000 steps, built-in analogue input, facilitating communication with, e.g., temperature sensors, real time clock (RTC) and a counter with a maximum counting speed of 20 kHz or 50 kHz. Depending on the model, customers can choose from units with between 6 and 28 outputs (of which between 4 and 24 relay outputs). The FP-X0 is designed for the best price/performance ratio. This series is recommended above all for small plants where it will prove useful for modernising production lines, mechanical machining, packaging automation, etc.

Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

The original source of text: tme.eu

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