AUPO A-series thermal fuses


Protective elements for temperatures from 84°C to 160°C.

TME offers a wide range of AUPO products. The manufacturer provides reliable, safe, and stable thermal protection solutions.

We particularly recommend the A-series thermal fuses with a maximum voltage rating of 250 V AC and rated currents of 1, 2, 3, and 5 A. The fuses are characterized by small size; the trigger temperature is between 84°C and 160°C. They are UL/CUL, CCC, and VDE rated.


Current rating 1 A

A8-F (1)

Currentv rating 2 A


Currentv rating 3 A


Rated current 5 A

These products are used in many areas of electronics and provide protection of electrical appliances against ignition; the fuse disconnects the electric circuit in case of overheating. They are often used in consumer equipment (consumer electronics/household appliances), measurement devices, and automation controllers.

Fuse type thermal
Operating voltage 250 V AC
Trigger temperature 84°C to 160°C
Manufacturer series A
Rated current 1 A to 5 A

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