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Professionals are surely already familiar with the broad range of products from Amphenol, one of the leading suppliers of connectors, sensors and antennas. Today, we are pleased to present a new range of products from the Amphenol Group’s Anytek brand. Anytek has been active on the Asian and global markets since 1997, specialising in the design and manufacture of terminal blocks and electromagnetic relays.

In the first step, we have introduced some of the most popular Anytek solutions into the TME catalogue, but we will definitely develop this range. As we already have considerable experience with the high quality of Amphenol products, we encourage you to get acquainted with the brand’s new offering.,amphenol-anytek_1838/?productListOrderBy=1000028&productListOrderDir=DESC


Anytek connectors are primarily terminal blocks used for connecting wiring to PCB circuits. Usually, these will be power supply and signal lines, as well as communication lines. What makes these products truly remarkable is the use of standard THT leads and quick wire installation by using spring-loaded mechanisms (push-in or snap-on), which in many cases means that the connection can be made without using special tools, not even a screwdriver. Another advantage is the wide current capability of the components, suitable for current from 5.5 A to 60 A and voltage up to 600 V (300 V for most products). The terminal block has from 2 to 10 terminals placed in a single row. The thermoplastic bodies provide the products with wide thermal tolerance (e.g. -40…115°C), which further increases the set of potential applications that includes industrial machinery, household appliances, lighting controllers etc.


PCB terminal block for 5.08 mm pitch.,amphenol-anytek_1838/?productListOrderBy=1000028&productListOrderDir=DESC



Industrial relay handling currents of up to 20 A.

Another widely represented group of Anytek products in our catalogue comprises electromagnetic relays. These include industrial, power and miniature models characterised by load capacity of up to 20 A at 277 V AC and 20 A at 28 V DC. The available configurations of silver-plated contacts range from the simplest (normally open SPST) to complex ones (4PDT). The components are available in PCB-mounted and base-mounted versions. It is worth noting at this point that the supplier also offers compatible, DIN rail-mounted sockets with leads in the form of screw terminals. Many of the industrial relay models have transparent enclosures and manual contact locking levers, making it easier to make, maintain and service installations. Thanks to these features and very good parameters, the products meet the needs of many control systems of, for example lighting, robotics, machine automation etc.,amphenol-anytek_1838/?productListOrderBy=1000028&productListOrderDir=DESC

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