5 mW laser diodes by Laser Components


Wide selection of emitted wavelengths.

Laser Components specialises the manufacture of high-quality laser modules, but also offers a wide range of semiconductor laser diodes. Today, we recommend taking a closer look at the latter components, i.e. 5 mW diodes.

Lasers have been around since the mid-20th century. Their name comes from the principle of their operation, as LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The light emitted is coherent (the same length of each emitted wave), with parallel and polarised waves. Although the first lasers were characterised by a rather complicated design and considerable size, scientists quickly developed laser emitters based on the already familiar LEDs.

To produce such components, a suitably doped semiconductor structure that emits light is used. It is surrounded by a mirror (reflective) layer and a semi-transparent one. Together, they form an optical resonator. The application of a sufficiently high control current causes avalanche emission of light – this state is called laser action.

Laser diodes, like LEDs, are current-controlled. Due to the significant effect of temperature on the quantity and quality of the emitted radiation,a photodiode is built into the structure, and it can be used as a feedback to monitor and control the component operation.



ADL-63054SL laser diode

The components presented here are designed in a standard way, i.e. they are housed in TO-type metal packages. The optimum heat dissipation capacity is their undoubted advantage. At the top of the body, there is a glazed window through which a beam of radiation is emitted. An additional function of this element is to improve light performance (e.g. its coherence).

Laser diodes, due to their small size and easy installation method, find a number of applications in indicators, barriers, fibre optic data transmission systems, scanners (e.g. barcode scanners) and even decorative lighting. The Laser Components offering includes a wide selection of elements, varying in terms of the emitted wavelength. The TME catalogue includes components with the λd parameter ranging from 510…530 nm to 842…850 nm. Thanks to that, you can choose products that are best suited to the requirements of a specific application, which will be particularly important in the case of precision measurement devices or sensors.;36:1473544_typ-diody:laserowa;moc:5mw&productListOrderBy=1000029

Type of diode laser
Colour red
Wavelength (λd)* 510…850 nm
Power rating 5 mW
Operating current* 25…50 mA
Mounting method THT
Operating temperature* -30…70°C
Height* 2.85…3.57 mm
Base diameter* 3.3 mm or 5.6 mm

* depending on the model

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