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Texas Instruments LM74610-Q1 Smart Diode Controller


Texas Instruments at came over with a smart diode controller that is LM 746101 controller device that will be used over the and channel MOSFET in a totally is Reverse polarity protection circuit Re.  the 40 to take over the external MOSFET and to idolized the diode rectifier which when connected in series with a power source. This will be a unique advantage in the scheme that will be meeting the zero IQ . 4610 q 1 is basically a controller that provides external and channel MOSFET it will also be giving fast response to the discharge MOSFET Gate just in case of the reverse polarity.

This device is manufactured to meet  CISPR25 Class 5 EMI specifications And is having features as follows :

  • Zero IQ

  • low reverse leakage  current

  • maximum reverse voltage of 45 volt

  • it can also be used with ORing  application

  • it  meet the  c i s p r 25 EMI specifications

  • it will be used for the automotive applications

  • it does not have positive voltage limitations

  • and is very fast responses to the reverse polarity
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