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Saelig Introduces Versatile GWInstek DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System


The DAQ-9600 data acquisition system is a modularized data acquisition system with 3 module slots and a precision 6 1/2 digital DMM at its core. 5 modules are available to meet different measurement needs.

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the GWInstek DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System – a modularized, customizable data acquisition system with great flexibility and precise performance. A built-in precision 6 1/2 digital DMM is the core of this test and measurement. The mainframe can receive up to 3 optional modules to match exact datalogging needs by choosing appropriate collection modules that make data-gathering simple, fast, and reliable. Five module choices can meet tasks in R&D, product performance characteristics, system testing, and fault diagnosis.

The DAQ-9600’s module choices include general-purpose modules, multi-function modules, a matrix module, and a high-voltage/ high-current module. The measurement parameters of each module, such as measurement function, range, speed, or offset compensation, can all be configured independently. The DAQ-9600 can provide up to 60 two-wire measurements, 120 single-ended measurements, or 96 matrix cross-points in a half-rack, saving work-space and cost when commencing complex and diverse measurement tasks.

The DAQ-9600’s built-in industrial-grade 6 1/2-digit DMM can measure and convert 14 different input signal types. In addition to high resolution, this also provides basic accuracy of 0.0035% DC voltage, 0.05% AC voltage, and 0.01% resistance. This DMM can be used with general-purpose modules (DAQ-900/ DAQ-901), a multi-function module (DAQ-903), and a high-voltage/ high-current module (DAQ-909).  The DAQ -9600 does not need any external signal conditioning modules to handle functions other than DC voltage, eliminating unnecessary cables and additional components. For temperature measurements, the DAQ-9600 modules provide cold junction compensation to ensure maximum accuracy on all channels measuring thermocouples. The DAQ-9600 can internally store up to 100k measurements, and later connect to a PC for exporting data, or, for larger memory capacity, the DAQ-9600 can also directly record data to an external USB flash drive.

The DAQ-9600 provides LAN, USB and GPIB (optional) to meet remote control interface requirements. The free data collection software (DAQ-Data Logger) allows for easy and quick set-up for test procedures. A web browser can also be used for configuring test procedures and for accessing measurements.


  • Large 4.3”TFT color display
  • 3-slot mainframe with built-in 6 ½ digit DMM
  • Basic 0.0035% DCV accuracy
  • Up to 450 channel/s scan rate
  • Up to 100k points internal memory
  • Measures 14 different input signal types:
    Temperature with thermocouple, RTDs and thermistor; DC/AC volts; 2- and 4-wire resistance; frequency and period; DC/AC current and capacitance; direct strain and bridge strain
  • USB storage support to copy/log data for standalone operation
  • Interface: Digit I/O, LAN, USB host/device, and mini GPIB (optional)
  • Free PC software, DAQ-Data Logger, makes it easy to configure and control tests

The GWInstek DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System is made by the Taiwanese test and measurement specialists GW Instek.   Helpful in production testing, research & design, quality assurance, and system verification, it is available now from Saelig Company Inc.

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