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Saelig Introduces Sciospec LCR-1 Impedance Analyzer With Extremely Wide Range


Based on the same technology as Sciospec’s industry leading impedance analyzers, the LCR-1 combines next-level performance with the simplicity of an LCR meter in a compact formfactor, with simple setup and ease of use.

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Sciospec LCR-1 Impedance Analyzer – a PC-based single-channel compact LCR meter that offers precise 2-, 3- and 4-port measurements in a wide frequency range of 100mHz to 500kHz (optionally extendable to 1 MHz or 10 MHz) with a deep measurement range for resistance (1 mΩ to 1 TΩ) capacitance (10 fF to 1 kF) and inductance (1nH … 1TH) with 0.01% base accuracy.

The LCR-1 measures electrical properties of passive electronic components or other objects at specific frequencies. It applies an AC voltage or current signal to a component under test and then measures the voltage across the component. By analyzing the phase shift and amplitude of the voltage and current waveforms the LCR-1 can determine the values of inductance, capacitance, and resistance or combinations thereof. The results are evaluated in terms of equivalent circuit models.

When diagnosing issues in electronic circuits, the LCR-1 can help identify faulty or out-of-spec components. It allows engineers to pinpoint the exact nature of problems related to inductance, capacitance, or resistance issues.  The LCR-1 can measure the capacitance and equivalent series resistance (ESR) of capacitors, which is crucial for selecting the right components in circuits involving timing, filtering, and energy storage. Real life components also include parasitic components (both capacitance and inductance). Selecting the right resistor for a given application is essential in more demanding electronic designs – especially when working at higher frequencies or especially low or high resistance values.  The LCR-1 can be used for material testing, especially in industries where materials with specific electrical properties are required; for example, in the automotive industry when testing materials used in sensors and actuators.  In educational settings and research laboratories the LCR-1 can be a helpful tool for teaching and conducting experiments related to electrical circuits and components.

The Sciospec LCR-1 comes with PC-based software for automated measurements and analysis using an intuitive, easy to use graphical interface, with up to 4 parameters displayed at the same time. Automatic ranging, 4 adjustable presets for storing measurement parameters, and manual trigger mode are all provided. Other settings include: port configuration, integration time, averaging, compensation, etc. Housed in a compact (4.4” x 8.4” x 2.3”), lightweight (2.2lbs) sturdy case, the LCR-1 is extremely simple to set up and offers direct access to presets for easy day to day use. It is compatible with a range of test adapters for electrical components, foils, thin films, and liquids.  Available compatible input adapters include: Wired Component Test Fixture, SMD Test Fixture, Kelvin clips & Fixture, Dielectric Test Fixture, and a Liquid Test Fixture.

The Sciospec LCR-1 is a versatile impedance analyzer that can play an essential role in ensuring the proper functioning and quality of electronic components and circuits.  LCR-1 unlocks the power of electrical component analysis with ease! The LCR-1 is made in Germany by Sciospec Scientific Instruments, which specializes in research solutions for electrical impedance spectroscopy, impedance tomography, and electrophysiological and electrochemical techniques.

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