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ROHM Offers the Industry’s Largest* Library of LTspice® Models at Over 3,500 by Adding SiC and IGBTs


Improves design convenience by allowing designers to incorporate power devices in circuit simulations

ROHM has expanded the library of SPICE model lineup for LTspice® of its circuit simulator. LTspice® is also equipped with circuit diagram capture and waveform viewer functions that make it possible for designers to check and verify in advance whether the circuit operation has been achieved as designed. In addition to the existing lineup of bipolar transistors, diodes, and MOSFETs, ROHM has added SiC power devices and IGBTs that increases its number of LTspice® models to more than 3,500 for discretes (which can be downloaded from product pages). This brings the amount of coverage of LTspice® models on ROHM’s website to over 80% of all products – providing greater convenience to designers when using circuit simulators that incorporate discrete products, now including power devices.

In recent years, the increasing use of circuit simulation for circuit design has expanded the number of tools being utilized. Among these, LTspice® is an attractive option for a range of users, from students to even seasoned engineers at well-known companies. To support these and other users, ROHM has expanded its library of LTspice® models for discrete products.

Besides product pages, ROHM has added a Design Models page in October that allows simulation models to be downloaded directly. Documentation on how to add libraries and create symbols (schematic symbols) is also available to facilitate circuit design and simulation execution.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to contribute to solving circuit design issues by expanding the number of models compatible with various simulators while providing web tools such as ROHM Solution Simulator to meet growing customer needs.

Simulation Models

  • Design Models

A variety of simulation models are offered that support LTspice® and other tool environments.

Supporting Documentation

  • LTspice® Model Usage Method
  • LTspice® Model Convergence Improvement Tips

LTspice® is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.

When using third-party trademarks, please adhere to the usage guidelines specified by the rights holder.



Data that expresses the operating characteristics of elements in mathematical equations for use in electronic circuit simulations. The SPICE model format may differ depending on the simulator (usually in the form of a text file).

Circuit Simulator

A software-based tool that makes it possible to design and verify electronic circuits without the need for actual electronic components.

MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)

The most commonly used structure in FETs.

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)

A power transistor that combines the high-speed switching characteristics of a MOSFET with the low conduction loss of a bipolar transistor.

ROHM Solution Simulator

A free electronic circuit simulation tool that runs on ROHM’s website. A wide variety of simulations are supported, from component selection and standalone device verification to system-level operational testing.

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