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ROHM to Further Focus on the Industrial Equipment Market by Launching a ‘Product Longevity Program’

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Announces products and periods for long-term supply to ensure worry-free adoption in long life cycle equipment

ROHM has recently launched a dedicated page for a new Product Longevity Program that provides information on the estimated supply periods for products scheduled for long-term supply suitable for industrial equipment and other applications with long life cycles.

In recent years, semiconductors and electronic components are being increasingly installed in long-life applications, such as industrial equipment and automotive systems, requiring the disclosure of applicable products and clarification of supply periods to facilitate product selection.

‘Quality is our top priority at all times’ has always been ROHM’s goal. In line with a corporate objective of ‘contributing to the advancement and progress of culture through a consistent supply, under all circumstances, of high quality products in large volumes to the global market,’ ROHM has been supplying products that meet customer demands to achieve a sustainable society.

Products formally placed under the program (selected after considering the production system, equipment, material procurement status, and other factors) are disclosed along with the estimated supply periods to improve searchability by increasing the efficiency of customer product selection.

The PLP sets supply periods of 10 to 20 years for products (mainly power and analog) requiring long-term supply, with relevant information such as supply status posted on ROHM’s website. This information (target products, supply periods) will be updated once a year to ensure the continuity of customer operations.

As the role of semiconductors in the industrial equipment and automotive markets continues to grow, ROHM will strive to provide long-term supply that meets market needs and contributes to the creation of a sustainable society through an expanding lineup of superior products.

For more information on the PLP, please refer to the dedicated page below.

Site Link: https://www.rohm.com/product-info/product-longevity-program

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