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ROHM Develops a New Op Amp that Minimizes Current Consumption

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Industry-low 160nA current consumption improves power savings in consumer and industrial equipment

ROHM has developed a linear operational amplifier (op amp)-LMR1901YG-M-featuring the lowest* current consumption in the industry. This makes it ideal for amplifying sensor signals used to detect and measure temperature, flow rate, gas concentration, and other parameters in applications powered by internal sources (i.e. batteries).

In recent years, advanced control has been in increasingdemandfor various applications in consumer and industrial electronics. Therefore, there is an increasing need for accurate sensing of parameters relevant to the application- such as, temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, andflow rate.Op amps whose main function is to amplify sensor signals for subsequent detection and/or analog-to-digital conversion, is a crucial component in the signal chain- greatly affecting both accuracy and power consumption.ROHM is developing op amps that satisfy the dual need for high accuracy and low current consumption. By further refining the circuit design based on original Nano Energy™ technology, ROHMis now able to offer an op amp that delivers thelowest current consumption on the market.

The LMR1901YG-M leverages original ultra-low power technology that thoroughly suppresses current increase caused by temperature and voltage changes to reduce current consumption to just 160nA (Typ.)- approximately 38% lower than that of general low power op amps.This not only extends the life of applications powered by internal batteries like electronic shelf labels, but also contributes to longer operating times for smartphones and other devices equipped with rechargeable batteries. At the same time, this low current consumption does not change overthe temperature range of -40°C to +105°C-allowing stable low-power operation, even in environments whereexternal temperatures fluctuate, including fire alarms andenvironmental sensors.

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Other performance enhancements include 45% reduction of input offset voltage to just 0.55mV (Max.Ta=25°C)over general low-current op ampswhile a maximum input offset voltage temperature drift of 7V/°C is guaranteed.This enabling high accuracy amplification of sensor signals.Capable of operating from 1.7V to 5.5V supply voltageand offering rail-to-rail input/output, LMR1901YG-Mis suitable for a wide variety of applications in the industrial equipment and consumer markets.ROHM’s new op amp also complies with the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q100-ensuring stable operation even under harsh conditions such as vehicle cabins without compromising functionality.
In addition to various technical documents necessary for circuit design and SPICE models for simulation (available free of charge on ROHM’s website), the LMR1901YG-Mcan be used with ROHM Solution Simulator to speed up time to market.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to pursue further power savings in op amps using proprietary ultra-low power technology. On top, ROHM aims to improve the performance of op amp lineups by reducing noise and offset- increasing power savings and expanding the power supply voltage range while contributing to solving social issues through higher accuracy application control.

Product Lineup


Application Examples

  • Consumer applications: smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, fire alarms, motion sensors, etc.
  • Industrial equipment: electronic shelf labels (ESL), handheld measurement instruments, data loggers,environmental sensors for IoT, etc.
  • Automotive systems: anti-theft sensors, drive recorders, etc.


Online Sales Information

Sales Launch Date: November 2023

Pricing: $4.0/unit (samples, excluding tax)

Online Distributors:DigiKey, Mouser and Farnell

The products will be offered at other online distributors as they become available.

Product Information

Applicable Part No: LMR1901YG-M

What is Nano Energy™ Technology?

Nano Energy™ refers to proprietary ultra-low current consumption technology that achieves a current consumption on the order of nano ampere (nA) by combining advanced analog technologies covering circuit design, layout, and processes utilizing ROHM’s vertically integrated production system.

This contributes to not only extending the operating time of battery operated IoT and mobile devices, but also improved efficiency in industrial and automotive equipment where increased power consumption is problematic.



*Nano Energy™ is a trademark or registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.


Input Offset Voltage

Refers to the error voltage that occurs between the input terminals of an op amp.

Input Offset Voltage Temperature Drift

The fluctuation in input offset voltage caused by a rise/fall in temperature. The smaller this value is the higher the op amp accuracy. Zero-drift op amps automatically compensate for input offset temperature drift.

Rail to Rail Input/Output

A circuit format that allows the input and output voltages of an op amp to accommodate the entire supply voltage range. The supply voltage in this case is called a Rail.

ROHM Solution Simulator

A free electronic circuit simulation tool that runs on ROHM’s website. A wide variety of simulations are supported, from component selection and standalone device verification to system-level operational testing.



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