Rohde & Schwarz expands its new ultra-wideband RF amplifier family BBA300


Rohde & Schwarz has extended its proven BBA300 RF amplifier portfolio with a new powerful 90 W model for CDE and DE series. Designed for test environments, the BBA300 amplifiers offer 380 MHz to 6 GHz in one frequency band and up to 250 W output power.

These amplifiers are designed to provide stable, robust, and precise test signals for equipment tests. Uses include EMC and co-existence testing as well as component tests during development and production. The very broad frequency range makes them ideal for wireless and ultra-wideband applications.

The available software options for the R&S®BBA300 amplifiers allow users to optimize the transmission characteristics for specific applications. It is possible, for example, to shift the operating point of the transistors between class A and class AB to optimize the amplifier performance for different kinds of input signals. It is also possible to change the tolerance to mismatch at the output, which allows it to generate more RF power under well matched conditions. This allows testing devices in multiple ways in a single test without changing equipment.

The BBA300 supports amplitude, frequency, phase, pulse and complex OFDM modulation modes. It is extremely robust under all mismatch conditions, providing valid test results in all circumstances.

“Our users tell us they need extremely wide, continuous frequency bands alongside high linearity and excellent harmonic characteristics,” said Michael Hempel, Product Manager for Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “The BBA300 series is in direct response to these demands, providing outstanding frequency performance at a range of powers.”

The BBA300-CDE offers a continuous frequency range from 380 MHz to 6 GHz; the BBA300-DE operates from 1 GHz to 6 GHz. Both models are available in 15 W, 25 W, 50 W, 90 W and 180 W P1dB power classes and are software adjustable to up to 250 W saturation power.

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