Renesas Expands Access to Robust Portfolio of IP Licenses

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IP Solutions Support Custom Development for Subsystems and Peripheral IP Modules in Systems Ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Autonomous Driving

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced it is expanding access to its extensive portfolio of intellectual property (IP) licenses that allow designers to meet a broad range of customized customer requirements in a rapidly changing industry. Renesas has incorporated a broad range of IP into its microcontrollers (MCUs) and system on chip (SoC) products spans, including central processing unit (CPU) IP, communication interface IP, timer IP, memory IP, and analog IP. Effective today, Renesas is offering customers access to the most highly sought assets from its IP portfolio. The first batch of offerings will consist of over 40 licenses, including CPU cores (RX, SH, etc.), timer IP for motor applications, USB cores, and SRAM. More licenses will be offered moving forward in response to demand.

As a leading global semiconductor device supplier, Renesas has developed an abundance of IP solutions. This includes standalone CPU and peripheral IP modules, as well as subsystems such as bus controllers or interrupt controllers that connect to IP modules. All of these IP assets share the high level of reliability and quality expected from a vertically integrated semiconductor device vendor responsible for all stages from design through manufacturing. Renesas also offers technical support grounded in its unmatched expertise as a semiconductor manufacturer.

Manufacturers interested in developing custom chips for applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles and robots can leverage Renesas IP in their subsystems design, allowing them to concentrate on developing their own competitive IP assets, and thereby speeding up the advanced semiconductor development process. In addition, manufacturers using field programmable gate array (FPGA) devices for early development can utilize Renesas IP assets to speed up software development, allowing for early evaluation and accelerated time to market, and then transition immediately to mass production. On the other hand, customers who prefer to use existing software assets can continue to utilize Renesas IP assets, thereby reducing the labor needed to develop, verify, and evaluate software and boards, and allowing for more efficient system development.

“As a leading global semiconductor supplier with deep manufacturing expertise, Renesas brings its unique perspective to the IP market with a broad portfolio of semiconductor IP assets,” said Hiroyuki Kondo, Vice President of Shared R&D Division 1, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “This completely open initiative offers manufacturers of assembled products and fabless semiconductor companies access trusted IP that allows them to accelerate software development cycles and develop customized semiconductors more quickly, dramatically speeding up technological innovation worldwide.”

Previously, Renesas provided IP assets to select customers. The new effort to expand IP sales marks Renesas’ entry to the IP licensing market, which is growing at a rate of over 10 percent a year and is expected to be worth around a trillion yen in 2025. Renesas aims to achieve sales of more than ten billion yen in 2025. Moving forward, Renesas intends to capture and expand growth in the IP market by offering customers the ability to customize their IP, as well as by licensing existing IP assets.

For more information, visit the Renesas website (http://www.renesas.com/en/products/ipproducts.html).

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