Regulated SMT DC/DCs are Ideal for Gate Drive Power

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2W DC/DC generates programmable gate drive bias voltages for IGBTs, SiC, Si, and GaN cascode devices.

RECOM is simplifying the generation of gate drive bias voltages for a range of switch types with their new R24C2T25 DC/DC converter. Available in a convenient and cost-effective, 7.5 x 12.83mm 36-pin SSOP package, the part operates from 21-27VDC input and provides programmable, regulated asymmetric dual output voltages, suitable for gate drivers for IGBT, Si, SiC, and GaN cascode switches. The 2W-rated R24C2T25 can be set by external resistor networks to provide a range of +2.5 to +22.5VDC on one output and -2.5 to -22.5VDC on the second, with an overall voltage sum of 18 to 25VDC, for example +15/-3V, to drive SiC MOSFET gates efficiently. Voltages are maintained within +/-1.5%, preventing the risk of over-voltage and damage.

Isolation of the R24C2T25 is 3kVAC/1min with an ultra-low coupling capacitance of 3.5pF and a common mode transient immunity of +/-150V/ns. This makes the parts ideal for powering high-side gate drives with fast voltage and current power switching edges.

Temperature rating is up to 82°C ambient at 2W output with 2.5W available to 75°C. Useful derated power is also available to the package maximum of 125°C.

The R24C2T25 is fully featured, with soft start, input over-voltage and under-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, and output over-power protection. Output over-voltage and under-voltage lockout are also provided to ensure power devices cannot be stressed by invalid gate voltages. A power-good signal is provided along with ON/OFF control to put the device into standby mode with less than 700µA current draw.

“Providing precision gate drive voltages is vital, especially for latest wide band-gap devices” comments Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC product manager of RECOM. “The R24C2T25 can be set for the optimum voltage levels for the best combination of system efficiency and safety”.
The R24C2T25 features a three-year warranty and is available through all authorized RECOM distributors or by contacting the manufacturer directly. Samples can be requested via the RECOM website.

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