DC/DCs Announced with Major Technology Upgrade


RECOM launches multiple product upgrades.

Many modular low-power DC/DCs on the market have been designed to suit manual, low-cost assembly, which only suits the simplest of circuits with their inherent performance limitations. RECOM has broken this mold with the launch of drop-in upgrades to several of their popular product ranges, achieving significant performance improvements using advanced circuit and automation techniques, but without a price premium. Some products will be lower cost than previous versions for volume purchases.

Designated with a ‘K’ suffix, the new products include the already-announced R-78K-xx series which are drop-in replacements for three-terminal linear regulators, but now with a wider input range and more output voltage options. The 0.5A and 1A versions have smaller case sizes, lower weight, and better efficiency.

Another introduction is the new RKK series, an upgrade to the existing RKE and RFMM series, a 1W isolated SIP-7 DC/DC. The RKK now has lower EMI, operates to 105°C with no derating, continuous short-circuit protection, and higher efficiency than the RKE series, maintained to light loads. Elimination of potting saves cost and weight, nearly halving to just 1.7g, adding to its ‘green’ credentials. Versions with a fully regulated output and the same performance enhancements are available as the new RYK series as upgrades to the existing RY series.

The popular regulated 4:1 input RSO product has also been upgraded to the RSOK series which now features 3kV/1min agency-rated ‘basic’ grade isolation compared with 2kVDC/1 second ‘functional’ grade, lower isolation capacitance at 50pF, higher operating temperature to 88°C without derating, and no minimum load requirements.

Similar improvements have been made to the RSE series with the new RSK-RUW which features 3kVDC/1 min isolation, up from 2kVDC/1 second, 88.5% compared with 79% efficiency, 8:1 input range compared with 4:1, lower isolation capacitance at 50pF and operation to 85°C without derating, up 10°C from the RSE series.

Another significant new product is the 3W SIP8 RS3K-Z series upgrading the RS3E series. The -K version has a 4:1 input range and 3kV ‘basic’ isolation compared with 2:1 input and 3kV ‘functional’ isolation for the -E series. The RS3K-Z also has a wider operating temperature range to +80°C without derating, lower isolation capacitance, and better efficiency.

New techniques used in the -K upgrades include the elimination of potting, synchronous rectification for high efficiency and planar transformers for automated assembly with high repeatability.

Matthew Dauterive, MSc., DC/DC Product Manager of RECOM comments, “Low power DC/DCs are finally able to utilize latest circuit techniques for advanced performance without a cost penalty, using our advanced and flexible manufacturing automation.”

Parts include a three-year warranty and samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.

For more information, please visit www.recom-power.com

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