Microchip – New LoRa modem module designed for North American LPWAN applications (RN2903)


Recently it has been reported that microchip has announced addition and its portfolio of the LoRa  technology product line under which they have relieved the RN 2903 wireless modem that will be working with all the LPWAN that is low power wide area networks of North America along with the certification of used in the FCC 915 megahertz band. This RN 2903 modem is basically designed to be working in an efficient manner over the long range LoRaWAN  network  capability that will be used in any embedded design to prove its integration in the LoRaWANT  protocol stack eventually running on low power pic microcontroller therefore used Zen applications such as embedded antenna matching circuit and  the Lora  radio.

This LoRa  Alliance is given by LoRa  technology so as to achieve the range of 10 miles in it tenure of 10 years  battery life.It will be targeting on the low data rates technology and all those applications for example infrastructure monitoring and control,  under the Smart City, agriculture,   location track  etc.  This RN 2903 will be adopting and easy designing has made some development investment along with speed time to market.


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