Maxim Enhances MediaTek’s In-Vehicle Infotainment Platform with Market-Leading Automotive Video Distribution and Power Management Innovations


Maxim’s GMSL SerDes technology improves video transmission distance by 33 percent for surround-view applications

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) today announced that select products from its automotive portfolio are being used in MediaTek’s AUTUS in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform. To deliver the high-performance, flexibility and efficiency required by carmakers and tier-1 suppliers, Maxim’s gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serializer and deserializer (SerDes) technology provides best-in-class video transmission capability. In addition, Maxim’s power management solutions improve multimedia performance and efficiency for MediaTek’s platform.

MediaTek’s AUTUS I20 (MT2712) is a high-performance, hexa-core infotainment solution with a flexible interface to support multiple displays. It links drivers to their vehicles to improve their driving experience, passenger safety, connectivity and entertainment by delivering information and content from the car’s sensors and multimedia sources. Next-generation surround-view applications demand support for four simultaneous video cameras, but legacy automotive networking technology has struggled to deliver the required bandwidth and transmission distance.

Maxim’s advanced GMSL SerDes technology delivers robust video distribution for surround-view applications needed by MediaTek. One MAX9286 automotive deserializer and four MAX96705 serializers from Maxim provide synchronized video streams from four cameras via 15 meters of shielded twisted-pair (STP) or coaxial cable. Advanced power management features help MediaTek address critical performance, efficiency and flexibility criteria. To support data transmission for auto sensors, entertainment content and navigation, designers of MediaTek’s MT2712 IVI platform sought a higher-speed, higher-voltage memory technology. This was achieved using Maxim’s MAX20010 high-current, 6A buck converter with dynamic voltage scaling, which enabled MediaTek to migrate to a higher voltage memory. In addition, Maxim’s MAX15007 linear regulator and MAX8902B low-noise linear regulator deliver power rail performance required for different MediaTek design platforms.

Key Advantages Provided by Maxim’s Technology:

  • Next-Generation GMSL SerDes:Delivers improved data transmission distance from 12m to 15m with the MAX9286 as well as surround-view application support with a single chip via frame synchronization on four input channels enabling higher system performance by offloading the SoC. In addition, support for MIPI-CSI-2 output enables seamless interoperability with MediaTek’s SoC and spread-spectrum features reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) to improve safety and performance.
  • Robust Connectivity: Maxim’s GMSL SerDes technology is built from the ground up for the automotive environment  and provides data integrity over 15 meters.
  • Power Management: With dynamic voltage scaling (DVS), Maxim’s MAX20010 high-current buck converter allows AUTUS I20 designers to upgrade to fast, higher voltage 4GB LPDDR4/DDR4 memory, giving the multimedia processor ample power to support multiple video-rich applications across in-car displays. Maxim’s buck converter also provides skip mode to save power consumption when the MediaTek IVI is running at light load.


  • “MediaTek’s IVI platform meets automakers’ and auto suppliers’ requirements for high levels of integration, comprehensive multimedia packages, premium features and full connectivity,” said JC Hsu, corporate vice president of MediaTek. “Working with Maxim on video distribution and power management helps support its scalability, allowing partners to select a platform that meets their specific needs.”
  • “The robust growth of automotive infotainment systems means it is more important than ever to deliver solutions that help our partners meet their high-performance requirements with the greatest efficiency and flexibility,” said Randall Wollschlager, vice president of the Automotive Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “By working closely with MediaTek, we are driving the automotive industry forward with this powerful in-vehicle infotainment technology that delivers advanced features and trail-blazing integration.”

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