Hearing Impairments leads to Higher Death rates


According to the researchers under the team of John Hopkins University, that shows that hearing impairments are leading to greater risk of death. This occurrence of hearing impairment is increasing with every decade of life for adults older than 70. this is increasingly lowering the well being of human life. this is making deaths more prominent as then the person could not hear warning signals, smoke alarms, fir alarms, horns or the door bells. the data has been lately studied in 2005-06 and 2009-10 cycles. according to the study the population of 1,666 were 70 years or older and undertaken hearing tests.

Some of the facts are as follows:

  • almost half of the older people have hearing issues.
  • almost 1 out of 3 in US have hearing loss who are between 65-74 age sector.
  • hearing problem subjects to higher blood pressure or diabetes.
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