Exercise Improves Fertility in Women


It has been found under studies that exercise increases the fertility in women. Particularly exercise and weight loss improves the ovulation process who have PCOS , polycystic ovary syndrome that is a disorder that causes infertility.

According to the findings it has been proved that exercise and a proper healthy diet fight back PCOS as under the research of professor Richard Legro in Pennsylvania. Polycystic ovary syndrome is main cause of infertility in women. Under this condition a women’s body start producing higher amount of testosterone and other androgens that are basically related to male traits and hormones. This imbalance situation causes infertility criterias related to irregular menstrual periods, weight gain or increasing hair on body.  Women who have this syndrome are supposed to take birth control pills to regulate their menstrual cycle and reduce the production of male hormones.

The latest study that has been conducted over 149 women that were aged between 18 and 40 years, who were suffering from PCOS who tooks pills or were under lifestyle modification has been taken under four months observation. The results suggested that the ladies who changed their lifestyle that included exercise and meditation or were taking pills along with it were more likely to ovulate.

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