Could Pill replace exercise?


It is well known that exercise work wonders for healthy. If you want to remain fit and healthy it is admissible that one should work out at least for 40 minutes. But would you still head for the gym if you are provided with pills to cut that exercise routine. According to the latest report, we could have pill to accommodate exercise. Regular exercise definitely lower the risk factor of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, bone aches or even cancer. Regular exercise increases the number of molecular pathways in our over all organ system that reduces the number of chronic diseases there on.

Similarly, if we are provided with some pills that are capable of activating these molecular pathways in the same ways as exercise would do.  Professor Laher and Li has deduced a number of exercise pills that are right now under development and taking challenges. Accordingly a drug that would be mimicking exercise will work by activating a protein called as AMPK. Another one will be named as GW501516 this one of the first developed by GSK , GlaxiSmithKline in 1992  to be used as a treatment for metabolic syndrome. Li and Laher has clearly mentioned in their report that there is currently a long way to achieve full results as they have to first make it clear that it should not impart any adverse effect on body. Moreover these pills can not be substituted fully in place of exercise as some of the effects such as bone strength is achieved greatly by exercise.  They also need to determine for the pills safety and efficacy as not to be used by athletes for possible misuse.

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