A Single test to detect all Virus


There are a number of Viruses that are causing illness to people and animals, that has to be diagnosed correctly to reduce the illness, which requires immense number of tests and costly process. The virus that are found in and on the human body are called as Virome. A pediatrics Dr. Gregory Storch has deduced a way to detect all these Viromes in a single test and at a very low and effective cost. Further more then has never been a test that could detect the low level viruses that can be very dangerous for the patient.

This new test can be used to detect a deadly virus called Ebola, Marburg and SARS and other commonly occurring viruses. This new test is called ViroCap and it has also detected that many of the virus were not detected during standard test . It has been studied and noted that PCR test renounced for finding viruses can detect 20 virus at a time where as ViroCap could do the test for virtually any of the virus. It has been found that Virocap has proven to be 52% more effective in finding various viruses than any other test. Researchers have taken two stretches DNA and RNA and then these are probed to pluck out virus from Human bodies that matches the genetic virus and then it is further analyses through genetic sequencing. Many lives will be save by acknowledging this test . This new type of test can easily detect virus that are sub types if other viruses as it have detailed genetic information about the strains.

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