14 Weeks pregnant: What it exactly looks like


Its not only the baby body that is growing there are many other things happening inside. He or she is gaining a covering to keep itself warm called lanugo. 

Some of the common symptoms of 14 weeks pregnancy may include weight gain, changing or appearing of moles, nausea or vomit feelings along with breast growth and may be sometimes stuffy nose. The hormone that is responsible for frequent urination is estrogen and progesterone.  Progesterone also plays an important role in fetal development, that prevents from premature labor and provide strength to muscles.

Baby’s development at 14 weeks pregnant

Image of a fetus at 14 weeks of pregnancy.
Some of the developments that a baby attains are developing of teh toe nails, heart starts pumping 25 quarts of blood daily, genitals are visible, limbs are preparing, hair and eyebrows start growing. Baby is now of a crump rump length that is about 3-4 inches or a size of a lemon. It has started gaining weight and is now around 1 oz. Steadily the baby’s posture will be getting strengthen and strong thus gaining a erect position.
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