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Unlock Intelligence: Kaadas Leverages ams OSRAM Time-of-Flight Sensor Solutions

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News facts:

• ams OSRAM TMF8801 direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) sensor triggers face recognition system with accurate distance measurement

• Adaptive to environment with excellent sunlight immunity capability, the ToF sensor enables Kaadas e-Locks to achieve reliable detection in various light environments

• With optimized algorithms, it provides “intelligent” human presence detection and greatly reduces power consumption

ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, partners with leading e-lock provider Kaadas to introduce latest intelligent e-locks. The TMF8801 ToF sensor provides distance information as an input to the facial recognition system.

Kaadas’ series of new e-locks incorporate ams OSRAM’s TMF8801, including K20 and K20 Max. As an entry-level product for smart homes and as a core element of future smart home security systems, the e-lock has become an indispensable component of the smart home ecosystem. Following the early development of smart locks and their introduction to the market, today factors such as performance, safety, multi-functionality and intelligence have become critical attributes for e-lock products.

With an integrated VCSEL infrared emitter, multiple SPAD (single photon avalanche photodiode) light detectors, time-to-digital converter, and on-chip microcontroller for histogram processing, the TMF8801 delivers superior performance. Compared to distance averaging employed with an indirect ToF system, the direct ToF time measurement methodology used in the TMF8801 delivers higher accuracy and true-distance measurements.

The TMF8801 has a sunlight rejection filter which as a result provides excellent sunlight immunity capability with accurate ranging even in full sunlight. Meanwhile, it provides a high dynamic range with a measurement range of 20 mm to 2500 mm, which outperforms its ToF peers. Either indoor or outdoor, TMF8801 recognizes the presence of a person in diverse lighting conditions.

Leveraging TMF8801 high ranging accuracy characteristics, ams OSRAM and Kaadas developed optimized algorithms to prevent the false triggering of the sensor in the e-lock caused by the detection of a person passing by the front of the door.

“The TMF8801 provides more accurate distance measurements to help Kaadas achieve more reliable, effective and energy efficient e-lock solutions,” said Barry Guo, Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM. “It can be used for user presence detection to automatically wake up or put the system into a low-power sleep mode based on the presence or absence of a user.”

“ams OSRAM TMF8801’s precise ranging and excellent sunlight immunity capability make our elock work well in a variety of application scenarios, the hidden optical opening design enable flexibility industrial design and makes more beautiful appearance possible,” said Xian Li, Executive Vice President at Kaadas.

More technical information of TMF8801 can be found at https://ams.com/tmf8801

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