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Synchronous step-down switching regulator delivers 94% efficiency

Synchronous step down switching regulator delivers 94 efficiency_popup

Recently Linear technology has released a new synchronous step down switching regulator that is LT8641, that has a3.5A and 65 V input. This is an silent switch architecture that has been modified and combined with the spread spectrum frequency to claim to reduce the  EMI/EMC emissions by more than 25dB while delivering efficiency as high as 94% while switching at an frequency of  2MHz. It is suitable for  single or dual cell automotive/transportation and industrial applications due to its 65 V range .
This is internally very high performing switch in terms of its efficiency and will be delivering a continuous output loads an peak to 5A voltages as low as 0.81V. This will be achieving a load standby of 2.4micro ampere .It will be used in applications such as always on systems and with immense strong battery life.


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