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Secureye introduces Innovative 4CH LCD NVR kit

4 CH LCD - 1920 x1080p - Wi-Fi Security Camera System - NVR Kit

Secureye, one of the leading brand in the surveillance and security domain launches its new 4CH LCD (1920 x1080p) Wi-Fi Security Camera System (NVR Kit) for both commercial and general (residential) consumers. Keeping in mind the technological evolutions in the industry, the company is innovating and upscaling its series of products according to the feedbacks & demands of the growing consumers.


This 11.6 inch LCD Monitor supports 2.0MP HD outdoor/indoor CCTV Cameras whereas it also comes with massive built-in Hard Disk which supports maximum storage up to 2TB, which makes it stands out from the others in the market. The key benefit of this NVR kit is that – it can be simply installed by plug and play wherever you want it without hurting or interfering the interior. A ding dong bell which comes with the kit can be installed 25mts away from the system, the LCD NVR becomes active from standby mode as anybody presses the bell. It has advanced intelligent Humanoid Mode which can access any moving object above 3ft height, which turns LED light of the camera automatically and the high-quality color video starts getting captured.

There is a great shift in security and surveillance space and the technology has evolved manifolds throughout the decades. Commenting on the same Mr. Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye says we have developed clever ways to keep our house and property secure. Even the cave dweller has there primitive ways to keep their dwellings safe and secure – possibly placing a wild “pet” animal near the mouth of the cave. Today, we can choose from the plethora of home security systems that are a far cry from some type of mammoth guarding a cave.

Fueled by the infra growth in both commercial and residential space the security and surveillance market is going to see a lot of traction in the demand for surveillance equipments. The video surveillance market is growing at 10.5% CAGR is already over Rs. 5000 cr. in India and I think it’s not going stop right here, in the years to come it will grow manifold and will bring new opportunities in this sector.

The kit is priced at RS 32500+taxes, which includes 4 cameras, LCD display and a bell

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