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Read-intensive enterprise SAS SSD

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Toshiba has recently announced that it is going to introduce a new availability in the PX04SL series, a very read-intensive enterprise SAS solid state drive (SSD). This  PX04SL series is basically very  optimised for read-intensive application workloads that can be used in applications such as  data warehousing, web servers, media streaming and video on demand.

This PX04SL is claimed  to provide teh user with the most cost effcetive solution from teh end of Toshiba in its PX04S solution series it will be readily available in two variants that are 1 TB and 2TB that covers the capacities with a 12Gbit SAS interface, To combat bottlenecks, this SAS SSD provides high-density storage for efficient data throughput to deliver high performance, reliability and endurance for maximum application scalability.

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