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Quantum dot work to bring ‘new era’ for electronics


A researching group from the Cornell University in the US has taken out a way to work with quantum dot solids that will be definitely helpful in the near future of the ear of electronics. This team was basically lead by professor Tobias Hanrath, He has technically fused together lead-selenium nanocrystal building blocks to form atomically coherent square superlattices. The basic difference deduced between these crystalline structure are the atomic coherence because of these crystals that were connected to each other they will be having a potential property of superior behavior to the one that are existing in this range .

They have a strong coupling in the nanocrystal that will be eventually leading to the formation of some energy bands that helps to manipulate and take a step forward in developing a whole new artificial material  that can control the electronic structures. The paper said ‘connecting the dots’ was one of the hurdles to be overcome. But it notes that barrier seems to have been cleared with this new research.

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