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Pixus Technologies develops shelf managers for OpenVPX systems.


Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, now offers shelf managers that comply to VITA 46.11 forshelf management of OpenVPX systems. There are also configurations for use in legacyVME/64x and CompactPCI systems.

The Pixus SHM200 shelf manager is IPMI 2.0 compliant and is available various size formats.
The unit offers temperature monitoring of at least 6 temp sensors, monitoring of 12 fans,
and 8 voltage monitors. The SHM200 also has fan PWM control and up to 16 digital inputs
and outputs.

The standard panel interface on the SHM200 includes RS-232, Ethernet, and indicator LEDs. A
Telco interface is also optional and customized versions are available. The standard size is 3U
high x 160mm depth with a 0.8” pitch. If the Telco interface is used the pitch is increased to

Pixus also offers shelf managers for AdvancedTCA. The company offers a wide range of OpenVPX, AdvancedTCA, and MicroTCA chassis platforms, backplanes, and system accessories.

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