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Navitas’ Next GaN IC Powers vivo’s iQOO 9 Pro Smartphone


GaNFast™ power IC with GaNSense™ technology delivers iQOO’s fastest, smallest 120W charger in new ultra-fast market category 

Navitas today officially announced that its next-generation GaNFast power IC drives the 120W ultra-fast charger supplied ‘in-box’ with vivo’s iQOO-brand flagship iQOO 9 Pro mobile phone. The 9 Pro’s powerful 4,700 mAhr battery charges from 0-100% in only 19 lightning-fast minutes, and at only 60.5 x 52.5 x28.8 mm (92 cc), the charger is 26% smaller than the previous generation, reaching a stunning 1.3 W/cc power density.

At a featherweight 135 g, the iQOO 120W GaNFast charger, is another milestone in the history of GaN charging, meaning it is similar in size and weight to regular 65W chargers. Super-high power, compact and portable, this charging product brings more charging convenience to consumers.

Gallium nitride is a next-generation power semiconductor technology, which runs 20 times faster than traditional silicon. Compared with traditional silicon chargers, gallium nitride chargers can achieve 3x the power or 3x faster charging with up to 40% energy savings in just half the size and weight of legacy silicon solutions. As the industry leader in GaN power ICs, Navitas’ next-generation GaNSense technology integrates real-time, accurate and fast sensing of system parameters, including current and temperature, and achieves patent-pending lossless current-sensing. Integrated GaNSense products are 6x faster than discrete GaN power chips, and take only 30 ns from detection to protection.  GaNSense technology delivers an additional 10% energy-savings, further reduces the number of external components, and reduces system size. In addition to enhanced charging performance, GaNFast chargers enable up to 30% reduction in CO2 footprint vs. silicon chargers – another reason why Navitas is favored by global top-tier mobile phone manufacturers.

iQOO is a premium partner of BMW M Motorsport, and iQOO’s concept of ‘I quest on and on’ coincides with BMW M Motorsport‘s ultimate pursuit of speed, driving pleasure and performance. Both parties continue to bring joy and passion to the users and audience through technology.

iQOO series’ high-end flagship series – iQOO 9 – is famous for its powerful performance, excellent gaming experience and ultra-fast charging speed. The phone carries the classical white body with red, black, and blue racing stripes. In addition, the iQOO 9 Pro is equipped with a brand-new Snapdragon 8 processor, powerful 4,700mAh dual-cell battery, and supports both 120W ultra-fast charging and 50W wireless charging.

Vivo’s director of charger development, Mr. Xiaohong ZHANG commented on the release of the product: “We are excited to use Navitas Semiconductor’s autonomous, next-generation GaN power ICs in the new 120W ultra-fast mini charger to power vivo’s iQOO-brand flagship model, the iQOO 9 Pro. By successfully integrating Navitas’ new GaNFast technology into this mobile phone charger, we will bring a lighter and faster charging experience to iQOO consumers and enhance the consumer experience in all aspects.”

“Navitas is honored to help vivo’s iQOO 9 Pro launch with this 120W super mini ultra-fast charger. GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense technology enable significant upgrades in speed, weight and power density,” said Gene SHERIDAN, Navitas’ CEO and co-founder. “From Navitas’ debut in the iQOO supply chain, we look forward to bringing more GaN innovations in the future, to continue our efforts in helping vivo and iQOO upgrade other charging products. Let’s work together to ‘Electrify our world™️’ as we cut both charging times and carbon emissions.”


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