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In a first, Polymatech rolls out Made In India semiconductor chips

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The Chennai-based Polymatech, has started manufacturing and rolled out into the market its Opto-semiconductors and Memory modules.

Polymatech, India’s first and foremost semiconductor chip manufacturer powered by Japanese technology has kickstarted the production of its Opto-semiconductors and memory modules. At present, the company’s main manufacturing plant in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu currently manufactures 400,000 chips every day and these have already been released into the market. Within the next few months, Polymatech aims to attain its full capacity of manufacturing 1 million per day (300 Mn chips per annum).

Polymatech Opto-semiconductor

This manufacturing rollout comes at the heels of the company’s July announcement about massive business expansion and investments to the tune of US$ 1 bn in semiconductor chips manufacturing. Opto-semiconductors are used in lighting, medical and food sanitization applications. Polymatech has completely packaged Opto-Semiconductors in both HTCC and COBs. Both, HTCC (High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic substrates) and COB (Chip on Board) all are wholly conceived, designed and developed by Polymatech and these are closed Tools. COBs are packed for High Power Lighting applications used for Stadium Lighting, Port Lighting, Airport Lighting, etc. while opto-semiconductors packed in HTCC substrates are used in Air Crafts, Metro Trains, Mining Stations and Traffic Lights etc. Further, UVa chips that are in manufacturing are used in medical and food sanitization applications. Memory modules that are in manufacturing at Polymatech form an integral part of all major electronic systems.

Eswara Rao Nandam – Founding President, Polymatech, spoke about this latest development and said, “We are thrilled to be announcing the full-fledged rollout of production for our Opto-semiconductors and memory modules. Our Optos give more than 97% CRI (Color Rendering Index). By 2029, the global semiconductor industry market size is predicted to be US$ 1,340 bn and the Indian market will form a significant portion of this industry with a projected growth of US $64 bn by 2026. This, coupled with the ongoing worldwide chip shortage, makes for immense growth potential. We at Polymatech aim to leverage this global opportunity to the fullest and become one of the largest chip manufacturers in Asia by 2025.”

In addition to Opto-semiconductors and memory modules, Polymatech is also in the final stages of production trials for semiconductor chips that will have medical and general applications. Their sprawling 150,000 Sq.ft semicon manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu will play a significant role in this. This state-of-the-art facility, in which temperature and RH-controlled clean rooms have been made ready and equipped with machinery that was imported from Japan, has adopted a full-fledged Industry 4.0 theme. The company is also working on forward and backward integration of current products and indigenization of products that are manufactured.

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