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Desktop multimeter by Teledyne LeCroy


Precision and comfort for professionals.

Teledyne Test Tools LC-T3DMM6-5-SC is a 6½ digit digital multimeter with a double 4.3” TFT LCD display with a resolution of 480×272 pixels. The screen can be configured to display a histogram, data trends, bar graph, statistics, or the traditional numeric mode. The multimeter has a wide measuring range. For AC True-RMS voltage it is 200 mV – 750 V, for AC True-RMS current: 200 µA – 10 A. High measurement accuracy up to 0.0005% + 0.0001% of the range for DC voltage opens way to very precise measurements. The multimeter is additionally equipped with a 16-channel multiplexer. The device also allows for the measurement of resistance (also using the four-wire method), capacitance, frequency, oscillation and temperature.

The multimeter is equipped with USB and LAN connectors with the possibility of remote control using SCPI or LabView commands. The internal 1GB memory allows you to store large amounts of data and configuration files.

DC voltage measurement: 200 mV – 1000 V
DC current measurement: 200 μA – 10 A
AC voltage measurement: True-RMS, 200 mV – 750 V
AC current measurement: True-RMS, 200 µA – 10 A
Resistance measurement: 2/4-wire (200Ω – 100 MΩ)
Capacitance measurement: 2 nF – 100 mF
Frequency measurement: 3 Hz – 1 MHz
Period measurement: ranges 1 μs – 333 ms
Temperature measurement: TC and RTD sensor support
Testing: continuity test, diode test

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