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ApP Lite processors for wearables

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Toshiba has recently announced the launch of its new device named TZ1201XBG that is basically an electronic wearable device that is basically the latest addition to the APP lite range of the IoT. This will be integrating the ARM cortex M4F processor that will be readily operating on the current consumption of  78µA/MHz in normal operation mode. It is now claimed that the power consumption will be making power management operation for the week oe pulse measurement with a 200mAh battery.
In addition to 2.2MByte of SRAM, the TZ1201XBG incorporates eMMC/SDIO interfaces that support external memory ICs such as SPI NOR, SPI NAND and eMMC. This will be  supporting the flexibility of the device and making it more suitable for memory ICs and capacities for their devices.



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