u-blox module unlocks new automotive use cases


The new u-blox JODY-W6 module features concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth® LE Audio and operates even in high temperatures.

u-blox (SIX:UBXN), a global provider of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies and services, has announced JODY-W6, a concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6E module with Bluetooth 5.3, including LE Audio, in a compact size (13.8 x 19.8 x 2.5 mm). The new module targets automotive use cases in infotainment and navigation, advanced telematics, as well as OEM telematics.

According to the TSR* (Techno Systems Research CO. LTD.) Wireless Connectivity Market Report, Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technologies are experiencing significant and promising growth in the automotive industry. Wi-Fi 6 focuses on efficiency, with reduced data congestion, improved network capacity, and lower overall power consumption. Instead, Wi-Fi 6E focuses on spectrum, enabling more concurrent users, reduced congestion, and enhanced security.

Not only does the u-blox JODY-W6 deliver the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E, but it also features dual-mode Bluetooth with LE Audio. JODY-W6 is globally certified and can withstand operating temperatures from -40 °C up to 105 °C.

The module is available with either two or three antennas. Upon request, it can also integrate an LTE filter. An EVK and an M.2 card will be available for the JODY-W6 series. Furthermore, its compatibility with previous JODY modules to ensure seamless scalability.

“JODY-W6 is a smart and reliable solution that helps overcome congestion and fulfills scalability requirements through its highly adaptable compact size. Specific use cases include support for AppleCarPlay® and AndroidAuto™, personalized entertainment, data off-loading, and smart/roof-integrated antennas,” says Sebastian Schreiber, Senior Product Line Manager, Short Range Product Center, u-blox.

The u-blox JODY-W6 comes equipped with an embedded NXP® Semiconductors AW693 chipset.

“The AW693 SoC (System-on-Chip) embedded in the automotive JODY-W6 SoM (System-on-Module) leverages the latest concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth LE audio technologies to unlock new opportunities for a wide variety of use cases and businesses in the automotive domain. The AW693 chipset is packed with advanced features, including MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and target wake time (TWT), allowing the u-blox JODY-W6 compact module to benefit from the synergy of our gold partnership,” says Larry Olivas, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless Connectivity Solutions, NXP Semiconductors.

Samples are currently available, with volume production scheduled for Q1-2025.

*TSR is a global business analyst group headquartered in Japan.

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