Soon, safety tests must for all vehicles


Soon all the vehicle makers have to follow the rules made mandatory to follow to make a standard check on the safety fronts that has to be done by 2017 . They can not skip this . This has been clearly mentioned by Rajan Katoch who is the head of heavy industries secretary . He added to his statement “ It will be difficult for automobile industry to offer something that is so far concerned with particularly diver safety and concern.” This was said in the conference on Road safety that was organized by the International Road Federation. IRF that has to be followed by 2017 in India also have to perform frontal car crash tests.

According to the sources the cars that passes the crash test will require to provide air bags in its future models. Above all this the road transport ministry is also going to come up with a regulation under which it would be mandatory for all the cars to use the anti lock braking system in the vehicles. Katoch clearly mentions that now the overall focus has been shifted to safer vehicles on the road.  These datas have been surely fixed after regular consultations and meetings with the manufacturers.

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