Smartbox Technology for driving and sects

It has been a buzz that insurance companies have been implementing the smartbox technology so as to benefit the drivers from cheap insurance rates provided by them,. This smartbox will be similar to the Black box used in airplanes, that keeps records of all the flights and every thing related to it , it will be keeping the records ow the car was driven and at what instance the accident happen. This particular device is connected with the electronics components of your car that collects information related to the time, speed, acceleration, speed, braking system and location.

This device is wireless and it transfers the real time incidents to the company of all your driving profile. Drivers become at high risk when they drive irresponsibly while exceeding their speeds, passing lanes etc. This new electronic invention will replace the standard categorizing driver in times of premium payments. For example if we talk about the young drivers they drive fast at nights or with cell phones or high music thus they could be charged higher rates by the insurance companies to cover the cost of accidents by the Smart box records. The records can also be viewed online.




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