onsemi andRide Vision Collaborate to Offer Advanced Safety Solutions for Motorcyclists


First-to-market lifesaving Ride Vision is a game changer for two- and three-wheeled vehicles

onsemi (Nasdaq:ON), a leader in intelligent power and sensing technologies,today announcedits collaboration with Israel-based Ride Visiononthe development of advanced safety solutions for motorcyclists. Ride Vision’s industry-leading Collision Aversion Technology™(CAT) for motorcyclesuses machine-vision with artificial intelligence (AI) andworks based on high-dynamic range data captured byAR0147ATautomotive-grade image sensors from onsemi. CAT provides riders with timely warnings about impending dangers on the road, avoiding a high percentage of accidentsand helping save lives.

Two cameras with AR0147ATimage sensorsare used in each system, mounted on the front and rear of the bike. The cameras capture high quality images and transmit them to a small onboard processing unit, which uses Ride Vision proprietary and unique algorithms for two- and three-wheeled vehicles to provide riders with 360-degree unobtrusive collision alerts in real time.

“We are excited about what this collaboration will do for the safety of all riders on the road,” said Uri Lavi, CEO and co-founder of Ride Vision. “By combining onsemi’shigh-dynamic range sensor family with our own technology,we can offer motorcyclists the highest levels of safety.”

Modern advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have been in vehicles for decades and various regulation bodies around the world have passed regulations enforcing the use of safety-orientated technologies aimed at reducing fatalities for car drivers. However, these rules are not enforced for motorcycles users, who suffer more fatalities each year than motorists.

“Motorcycles and riders share the same trafficand weather conditions with other motorists, but they have not yet been able to use the same level of safety mechanisms for protection,” said Chris Adams, vice president and general manager, Automotive Sensing Division at onsemi. “Our work with Ride Vision on this advanced safety solutionchanges that by providing motorcycles the same high-performance, high-dynamic range image sensors used in passenger cars. Keeping all road users safe is the most important thing to ultimately achieve Vision Zero.”

Ride Vision users can customize the level of alerts they want to receive in a personal app and benefit from accessing three-hour continuous-loop videos of all their rides, which can be used for both insurance and leisure purposes. Ride Vision is currently the only commercial Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) designed for two- and three-wheeled vehicles and is already making waves in selected markets across the world including in Israel, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and soon, the U.S.

The AR0147AT is part of onsemi’s Hayabusa sensor family that features scalable resolution and high-dynamic range with LED flicker mitigation (LFM) and is in volume production. Contact onsemi’ssales representatives for more information.

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