NXP Introduces Automated Drive Kit for Open, Fast and Flexible Development

Automated Drive Kit 2

1. Robot Operating System (ROS) workspace with drivers for the Kit sensors
2. NXP BlueBox 2.0 based, provides automotive grade functional safety and a robust compute platform
3. Automated Drive Kit available to order on AutonomouStuff website

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI), the world’s largest supplier of automotive semiconductors 1, has announced the availability of the NXP Automated Drive Kit, a software enabled platform for the development and testing of automated vehicle applications. The kit enables carmakers and suppliers to develop, test and deploy autonomous algorithms and applications quickly on an open and flexible platform with an expanding ecosystem of partners.

Automated Drive Kit

Taking on automated drive applications requires easy access to multiple hardware and software options. NXP has opened the door to hardware and software partners to foster a flexible development platform that meets the needs of a diverse set of developers. The NXP Automated Drive Kit provides a baseline for level 3 development and will expand to additional autonomy levels as the ecosystem’s performance scales.

The first release of the Automated Drive Kit will include a front vis


NXP and AutonomouStuff will display the Automated Drive Kit on a Lexus RX 450h at CES 2018 at booth CP-25.


“The next wave of mobility requires an automated application development platform that’s quick to implement, open and flexible,” said Kamal Khouri, general manager and vice president of ADAS, NXP Semiconductors. “By partnering with AutonomouStuff, we are making the NXP Automated Drive Kit available to a broad and growing ecosystem that will enable a rapid development of the future of autonomy.”

“Our partnership with NXP will make major strides in shaping the future of the transportation industry,” said AutonomouStuff CEO, Bobby Hambrick. “Our integrated hardware-software solution, combined with a global deployment infrastructure, provides an easy and highly cost-effective way for the mobility industry to build complex automated driving features.”


The NXP Automated Drive Kit is now available for ordering from AutonomouStuff as a standalone package that can be deployed by the customer in their own vehicle or as an integrated package with an AutonomouStuff Automated Research Development Vehicle.

ion system based on NXP’s S32V234 processor, allowing customers to deploy their algorithms of choice. The Kit also includes front camera application software APIs and object detection algorithms provided by Neusoft; a leading IT solutions and services provider in China and a strategic advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and AD partner to NXP. Additionally, the Kit includes sophisticated radar options and GPS positioning technology. Customers choose from various LiDAR options and can add LiDAR Object Processing (LOP) modular software from AutonomouStuff, which provides ground segmentation and object tracking.


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