Navitas and VREMT Open Joint R&D Lab for Next-Gen EV Power Systems and Semiconductors


New lab accelerates development of advanced EVhigh-voltage applications using Navitas’ GaNFast™ and GeneSiC™ power semiconductors

Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS), the only pure-play, next-generation power semiconductor company, and VREMT, industry-leading electric powertrain supplier to ZEEKR, Volvo, Polestar and Lotus, announced the opening of an advanced, joint R&D power semiconductor laboratory to accelerate EV power-system developments using Navitas’ GaNFast (gallium nitride, GaN) power ICs and GeneSiC (silicon carbide, SiC) power MOSFETs and diodes.

GaN and SiC are ‘wide bandgap’ power semiconductors that deliver higher efficiency at faster switching speeds, with smaller system size and lower costs than legacy silicon chips. These advances will enable EV power conversion systems to deliver faster-charging, faster-acceleration, longer-range and lower-cost EVs which will accelerate our planet’s transition from fossil-fuel to clean-air vehicles.

Mr. Shuibao GUO (郭水保), Vice GM of VREMT and Mr. Charles (Yingjie) ZHA, VP and GM of Navitas China opened the joint lab in Ningbo, PRC on November 1st, 2022. The lab will host highly skilled Navitas engineers, working with advanced power system design tools and in close partnership with VREMT system design teams.

The joint R&D lab will be further supported by Navitas’ own unique EV System Design Center, located in Shanghai. The Design Center assists customers to maximize GaN and SiC performance advantages, including high-frequency magnetics design plus advanced packaging and modules to create higher power density, higher efficiency, and lower system cost power electronics systems for EVs.

“Navitas’ next-generation power semiconductors bring enormous value to VREMT’s design teams,” said Mr. Guo. “We expect that Navitas’ high-frequency power-system expertise will greatly reduce time-to-prototype and time-to-market for VREMT systems.”

“It is an honor for Navitas to join withVREMT division to create this leading-edge, joint laboratory to create next-generation power systems for VREMT,” said Mr. Zha. “This new partnership is aligned on both technical goals and also for sustainability, as both companies focus on carbon neutrality.”


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